Mint Mobile Goes Big: T-Mobile Buys Ryan Reynolds’ Company for $1.35 Billion

T-Mobile Buys Ryan Reynolds' Company for $1.35 Billion


The telecommunications giant T-Mobile Company announced that they are buying the budget cell service which is the provider of Mint Mobile. It is best known in the world for its ads with the actor and part owner Ryan Reynolds. The stock and the cash deal which include these two brands is worth $1.35 billion.

Mike Seivert’s statement:

Mike Seivert's statement:

The CEO of T-Mobile Mike Seivert said on Wednesday, the company would use its size and resources to supercharge Mint. Which uses T-Mobile’s wireless network and provides plans for the little as $15 per month.

He further said that over the long term, we also take benefit by applying the marketing formula of the Mint. The formula has become famous all across more parts of T-Mobile. Maybe the single and largest contributor to the marketing effort has been Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds was the co-star of the Deadpool movie and has also been appearing in the commercials for the Company. He stands in front of the commercials with a mint green background and also delivers playful series pitches. Ryan said that the deal will give an advantage to the customers of Mint Mobile.

We are so happy that the company T-Mobile beat out the aggressive last-minute bid from my mom Tammy Reynolds. We believe that the excellence of the 5G network will provide a better strategic fit than my mom.

A video was uploaded on Twitter in which Sievert said that T-Mobile should continue Mint’s $15 per month pricing. In this deal, T-Mobile will buy katana Corp which is the parent company of Mint Mobile. A wireless service specializing the international calls named the Ultra Mobile and wireless wholesaler Plum.

Ryan will continue in the creative role for the Mint and the founders of Mint Rizwan Kassim and David Glickman. They will continue to operate the brand as a mostly separate business unit. The deal which is going to end later this year will also grant Mint the to use T-Mobile Network.

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