Reusable Water Bottles Contain 40,000 Times More Germs Than A Toilet Seat

Reusable Water Bottles: More Germs Than A Toilet Seat


The researchers have identified in their new study that reusable water bottles contain 40,000 times more bacteria as compared to toilet seats. Researchers collect the samples from multiple types of reusable bottles and then they take screw top lid, spout lid, squeeze top lid, and stray lid. In these all things, they found two types of bacteria which are bacillus and gram-negative.

Research of Professor Keong Yap:

According to the research of Professor Keong Yap who is an expert clinical psychologist at the Catholic University of Australia, they are objects which can’t betray us. He compared these things with the objects as the children use to appease the anxiety on which there are high chances of bacteria.

He further said that they are predictable and reliable except for the people who will not hurt us. In the study of researchers, they underlined this statement that gram-negative bacterial infections are protected from antibiotics and specific types of bacillus bacteria. It may cause gastrointestinal infections.

The study also states that reusable water bottle contains two times more germs as compared to objects used in houses. Similarly, it is more than the number of germs carried by the kitchen skins. The battles harbor bacteria is 4 times greater than the mouse on the computer and the number is evaluated as more as the pet’s bowl.

Research of Microbiologist Dr. Andrew Edward:

According to the molecular microbiologist of London Imperial College Dr, Andre Edwards, the human mouth protects these kinds of bacteria. So it is a common understanding for humans that drinking water bottles also contain these kinds of bacteria.

Instead of a large number of colonies, these germs and bacteria are not considered dangerous for human health. He said that you never heard the news that a human being getting ill or sick. Because of drinking water from reusable bottles.

He said that it is not a threat to the human person. The bottles which contain the bacteria will already be inside the mouth of the people. The researcher gives the message to the people that it is something that people should not worry about. In last they said that people should wash their bottles with hot soap daily and sanitize them once a week. 


The researcher did research recently on reusable water bottles and they said that these water bottles contain more bacteria than a toilet seat. The bottles have 40,000 times more bacteria than the average seat and similarly more bacteria than a sink in the kitchen.

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