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6 Tips For Abused Wives Seeking To Collect Evidence Safely

6 Tips For Abused Wives Seeking To Collect Evidence Safely
  • PublishedMarch 16, 2023


Couple abuse can be explained as the pattern of behavior which allows one person to take control over their partner. The violence of intimate partners counted as 15% of all violent crimes. This is domestic abuse and it is very common in the world.

If we talk about the UK then there are 1.7 million who experienced couple abuse in 2022. The picture is not complete yet as per the calculation, 20 people get physically abuser per minute by their partner.

In this all matter there are mostly women who get abused by their partner between the ages of 18 to 24 and also most likely to get domestic abuse. Unfortunately, during this situation, it is very difficult to save and collect evidence.

Domestic abuse of wives comes in multiple forms financial, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. There are such forms that are easier to analyze than others. It is hard to identify and collect evidence for emotional abuse and it is one of the toughest abuse. Don’t worry, there are few ways to record the evidence of the couple’s abuse.

How can the Abuse partner collect the evidence safely and covertly?

There is a term spy gadget that will lead you to think of invisible ink. Unfortunately, the name will be missing because these gadget devices are used to increase security instead of working as actual spies.

Domestic abuse will control different forms of mistreatment and the control including emotional, financial, physical, and sexual. While the cuts and scratches are sometimes to be spotted and it is tough to prove the emotional abuse.

The securities companies like Spy Centre will thankfully provide multiple ways for wives to safely record the place of domestic abuse. They will record it using small gadgets.

1. Record Domestic Abuse by using Voice Recorders:

1. Record Domestic Abuse by using Voice Recorders:

One of the ways for wives to collect evidence of abuse is can use voice records. Depending on the situation this will be done on a phone or other home device. The other way to record the voice is to use micro recorders which are easily hidden. The sound of the micro playback recorders is high quality and can be as small as the paper clip.

To limit the chances of discovery the voice recorders are also bought and shaped like the household items like power banks and pens. It will less likely to increase the suspicion of the abuser. Some key fobs will double the voice recorders and also the GPS trackers which will help to keep the eye on the abusive partner.

Few laws are surrounding recording the conservation but there are a few states in which this is legal if one party will give permission.

2. Record Domestic Abuse by using Hidden Cameras:

2. Record Domestic Abuse by using Hidden Cameras:

It is difficult for wives to record the abuse which takes place conventionally through the camera or a phone. So, in that case, you will need a hidden camera to be safer and alternative. The cameras can be placed in any room where you think the abuse will take place. However, you need to respect the laws around privacy.

A mini clock camera looks like a normal alarm clock but they are paired to the phone to stream live footage of the location. The highest-quality clock cameras can also film in the dark by using infrared vision. They can be filmed up to 15 feet in a 120-degree view.

Clock cameras are hard to detect and they are perfect for the situation to record where the abuse takes place. Except for all these hidden cameras, in many homes, there are cameras inside the home that capture all to footage of the home.

3. Retrieve deleted evidence of Abuse by using Recovery Sticks:

3. Retrieve deleted evidence of Abuse by using Recovery Sticks:

Recovery sticks are used to retrieve lost data from android devices and iPhone or iPad devices. The recovery sticks will plug into an iPhone and iPad device which will restore the messages that contain evidence of the abuse. Call History and voice mails are both retrieved on the top of messages and these sticks are easy to use.

The disadvantage of extracting data from the phone is that it will need a wife to have access to the person’s phone who abuses her. The access will be for a long period.

4. Motion and voice-activated recording devices:

4. Motion and voice-activated recording devices:

Another way to collect evidence of abuse safely is by using motion-sensor-powered equipment. Through the assistance of a few tools like abused partners record the graphic images or voice simply by the entity movement.

5. Motion detection spy cameras:

Motion detection spy cameras are very useful for adding security to a home especially if your partner is no longer living in the home. But you are scared that your partner will return home unexpectedly. However, the motion detection spy camera should be an extremely useful way to capture the evidence.

One of the main benefits of these types of cameras is that you can live stream by using these cameras and also send recorded video to someone like the police. Then they will notify the break-in even if you are not available at that place.

6. Voice Activated Recording Devices:

There are many voice recorders in the market today that have large memories that record thousands of hours of data. A voice recorder is more efficient as it starts recording the evidence when the sound is made. In addition, you also don’t need to stress about turning on the devices or missing the vital recording.

Can you Use a GPS Tracking Device?

Can you Use a GPS Tracking Device?

Infidelity is quite considered to be a form of couple abuse or neglect but collecting evidence for the proceeding of divorce is not easy. After all, it is not easy that your partner will give you his/her phone and for you will be able to read the text messages.

GPS trackers are small in size and they are indiscreet and hidden anywhere in your partner vehicle. Through this, you will know where your spouse is going and about their location. However, it is important to know whether using a GPS tracking device for knowing someone’s location is legal or not.

This technique is against the law in 50 states but there will be a loophole in this situation. If you own the vehicle and you are the only one who can drive the car then placing a GPS tracking device is okay. Because you have a purpose to place it and that purpose is to save the car from theft. This will help you to track your abusive partner.

It’s better if you tell about this situation to your lawyer before experiencing it with your spouse. Because it is possible that you could end up on the wrong side of the law and you have to tell how you gather the data.

Will your Evidence be Admissible in Court?

Will your Evidence be Admissible in Court?

It will depend on how you gathered the evidence and a few problems occur while recording and presenting the recording evidence. In addition, the court will check the laws in your region regarding video recording and voice recording. Although, the actual evidence is enough to scare the abuser.

According to the reports, it is very sad to hear that the leading cause of injury to females in the USA. The police will gather the evidence from you and analyze the evidence plus how it was gathered.


Sometimes the relation is a game of chess and is quite a metaphor for the conflicts in many different ways. These spy gadgets that are mentioned in the article will help you gather the evidence which proves that you get abused by your spouse.

However, the female partner is at high risk because domestic abuse is now common in the US and happens to anyone. The partner who gets abused takes a long time to reach the police and provide them with the evidence.

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