6 Tips For Abused Wives Seeking To Collect Evidence Safely


Couple abuse can be explained as the pattern of behavior which allows one person to take control over their partner. The violence of intimate partners counted as 15% of all violent crimes. This is domestic abuse and it is very common in the world.

If we talk about the UK then there are 1.7 million who experienced couple abuse in 2022. The picture is not complete yet as per the calculation, 20 people get physically abuser per minute by their partner.

In this all matter there are mostly women who get abused by their partner between the ages of 18 to 24 and also most likely to get domestic abuse. Unfortunately, during this situation, it is very difficult to save and collect evidence.

Domestic abuse of wives comes in multiple forms financial, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. There are such forms that are easier to analyze than others. It is hard to identify and collect evidence for emotional abuse and it is one of the toughest abuse. Don’t worry, there are few ways to record the evidence of the couple’s abuse.

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