Small Business Owners: Don’t Let Shipping Be Your Downfall Try These 9 Tips


If you are running a small business then you are bound with sudden problems. As you are a business owner of the Company then product shipping and delivery of the product will be the biggest concern. Because you know customer satisfaction is related to it.

However, 88% of companies experience issues and delays related to supply chain management. Well, there is a question that might be raised in your head that your products are delivered to your clients properly? Well, there are the 9 tips that will help you to get out of this logistic problem.

1. Ensure that the Shipping options are clear:

Ensure your shipping problems are clear

When you are the partner of any shipping merchant, then it is important to have a good snatch of the various kinds of shipping options they provide to you. You have to ensure that all your deliveries of yours are shipped together in the transport system or not. Further, you have to know whether there are other shipments available in the transport or not.

You don’t want that your clients will become frustrated because you don’t place the shipment properly. If you have any problems then try to get them resolved by the shipping company. Various shipping partners have such a kind website that is easy to understand. The prices and services are available on the website.

2. Accept International Shipping Policies:

2. Accept International Shipping Policies:

Thinking about the future is better even if your business is small now. For example, you have to expand your small business into different cities and countries globally. However, international shipping is quite difficult in the initial stage. You will get the hook of it pretty soon if you follow the guidelines and pricing systems.

Ensure that you have worked with the right logistics services which will provide you the accurate rates. The major delivery system has already a price calculator which helps you to count the shipping charges and some specific guidelines.

3. Be Careful related to Freight Shipping:

You need to confirm with the shipping company that they didn’t damage your shipment. To make sure of this, you need a proper pallet which is preferably made of plastic and wood. So that it can be dragged easily. The package itself must also be long-term.

However, your parcel of yours will be transferred to the bottom while the packages and stack are on the top. So you have to use the new cartons and seal them up properly including with the items inside safely. The cartons will be safely covered in bubble wrap.

4. Have Reliable Tech Support:

4. Have Reliable Tech Support:

The owners and employees of small businesses frequently have to deceive the various task at one time. It will create a lot of problems during delivering the packages. This is the reason today’s technology will incorporate both artificial intelligence and the human workforce. So that this will save time and energy.

For example, you need the overall task force to keep the track of where your shipments at a particular time. But there are many companies such as Ontime Group which already have GPS tracking systems. It will help the delivery merchants to plan their paths and trace the telematics.

5. Verify the Delivery Address:

5. Verify the Delivery Address:

The address verifications platform is the tool that is made by the shipping companies to make sure the delivery the customer had provided already exists. The company will use a large database of addresses that are already existing in the specific region. It will verify that the shipment will reach the exact location.

Although the technology isn’t fixed for large companies. Even your small business company will also improve its shipping process by using this technology.

6. Discuss the shipping Insurance:

6. Discuss the shipping Insurance:

No matter how much you take care of the package safety there is always a chance for you that more than one parcel will maybe be lost or destroyed during the shipping process.  This is the reason discussing shipping insurance along with the logistic partner is necessary. You can buy them directly from a third-party service or a shipping Company.

The insurance policies will change from one server to another which is why multi-carrier shipping frequently leads to a lot of difficulties during shipping insurance.

7. Check the consignment Data:

The standard delivery function will give them enough idea related to the delivery date of the parcels. But the parcel delivery will create the job much easier. If you often face shipping problems then you can take benefits of parcel delivery. It will estimate the best shipping routes for the consignment. This will lead you to a continuous delivery experience and you don’t have to worry about the delivery will delay.

8. Achieve the delivery Management Solution:

Accept the delivery management system

If you didn’t fix the delivery shipment issue before promising your customer then it will negatively affect your customer and you might lose your customer. One solution of the timely delivery management system is that you can locate the delivery exceptions and on the other hand, you can talk to your customer about them.

Now, you have told your customer about the shipment delivery problems and you feel he is not happy then don’t try to argue with them just simply sorry.

9. Fix the Shipping Rate:

The rate of the shipping depends on the carrier service through which you send your shipment. If you decide on a fixed rate shipping then it will lower the shipping problems and also ensure your customer has to pay a few amounts each time. Although, if the rate of standard shipping is too low then you might be losing your money. If the shipping rates are high then it will frequently be termed unfavorable by the customers.


These are the basic tips and tricks which will help you to navigate through the complicated world of logistics and shipping. However, if you give proper time and focus on this problem then I will guarantee you that you will find a good shipping company.

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