This New 45-Story Tower In Downtown LA Is Insanely Good

The Grand by Frank Gehry is a 45-story tower that just opened up in the downtown of Los Angeles. It looks attractive and huge at the same time. 

Frank Gehry is widely renowned for his exemplary architectural work. He has made some of the most alluring buildings in the world. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris are examples of his otherworldly work. 

The Grand by Gehry is a 45 floor luxury apartment building in Downtown LA. The leasing process has just been opened by the owners. It is said that there will be around 436 residences in the Grand. Its located near The Grand LA – a new entertainment centre in Downtown LA. 

Gehry seemed pretty “proud” on his work this time. He said: “From the start, our mission was to create a project that had a human scale to it and one that was a good neighbor to the buildings around it. And miraculously, I think we pulled it off. We did this in collaboration and partnership with our clients Related, who cared as much as we did about creating excellent urban space for Downtown Los Angeles.”

What It Offers

With so much happening already in Downtown LA, this magnificent new building brings extra delight. Each apartment will feature gourmet open kitchens. The interiors were done by Ingrao Inc. Luxe bathrooms are also an addition. 

“We’ve done a lot of work with Related, and they’re always pushing the envelope and trying to make it bigger than it’s ever been where they’re developing.” – said Tony Ingrao, the CEO of Ingrao Inc. 

The building will also feature an always available valet service alongside outdoor pools. There will be a 2,400 square ft fitness centre as well. A yoga centre will also be included. 

“Nowhere else in Los Angeles combines the work of master architects and designers, with rarified service, extensive amenities, and proximity to such a vibrant cultural, culinary and fashion driven neighbourhood. It’s redefining downtown living.” – said the Vice President of design. 

Leasing has already started and the shifting process is waiting for the go ahead. There are also penthouses available but they can’t be purchased that easily. If you’re interested in a penthouse, you have to submit a request first.