MrBeast Is Called Out After Giving Tip To Waitress A Brand New Car

The waitress admits that she is in real shock after taking the unexpected gift. She also admitted that she didn’t know how to drive yet.

Today, I was late for work because the Uber was pretty slow, Amy said.

Comments of People on the Video:

There are so many comments that most people did in the video section. I mention a few personal comments in front of you.

A follower of Donaldson said that he is making Amy a driving Advertisement.

Another person commented on Twitter: Love to MrBeast but he gave a brand new car with an ad on it ahahahhahahaaahahahah.”

A person commented: MrBeast you can do much better than that, I have seen many a lot of your give away without a brand logo stuff.

On the other hand, many people are praising Donaldson for his generosity with one asking: How does a person ever hate this kind of guy?

A person said: YouTube fans are doing more for the American population than the government of the Country.

Another person commented: This guy is the best and true definition of leading.

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