MrBeast Is Called Out After Giving Tip To Waitress A Brand New Car

Jimmy Donaldson gave tip to a girl in a restaurant and posted a video on Instagram and Tiktok. The caption of the video is: Amy is getting work without the car for a month and thank you that we changed it.

In the comments of the video, he said: Buy more @feastables so I can give more cars like this. In addition, the car he gave to the waitress is being branded by the Feastables and has the logo of the brand. Feastables brand is a chocolate brand that uses only four ingredients in making chocolate.

Video Clip of MrBeast and Waitress Amy:

Video Clip of MrBeast and Waitress Amy:

In the video clip, MrBeast asked Amy: “What is the biggest tip you ever got in your whole life?”

She replies: The biggest tip I get is $50.

After that MrBeast handled the bunch of keys to the waitress Amy and asked her if that have ever someone gave tipped a car to you.

They both went out to check Amy’s new car which is a Brand new Toyota Sedan in Black color. At that point during riding she starts tearing up.

Donaldson said: I didn’t expect you to cry at this moment.

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