Pacman 30th Anniversary: How To Play And Win This Game?

Pacman 30th Anniversary


The most famous and popular game Pacman 30th Anniversary is a video game that was introduced in 1980. It is a classic and still the most popular game that is played among friends.

History of Pacman Game:

History of Pacman Game:

If we talk about the History of Pac-Man you will notice that the game was devoured by both floppy disks and hard drives over the past three decades. It has been through several improvements and revisions.

The arcade classic Pacman is now celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year and looks as good as it comes for the first time. The original version of the Pac-Man game was released 30 years ago and it was the first game that features a graphical user interface. Since then this is the most popular game that has been played among friends.

You can say that the 1980s are the years that are the Golden Age of video games because in this decade computers are easily accessible and everyone can afford them. The vision and mission of Pac-Man were not to extend to large businesses rather than they just design this game simply and easily. In addition, the game requires low hardware. The gameplay of Pac-Man made this game the most loved arcade game in the world.

The reason for the popularity of Pac-Man game is that it has straightforward gameplay, a straightforward design, and requires low-level hardware to play this game. Pacman is the most loved game among gamers also. When the game is released it is completely simple but from time to time, it becomes a popular part of the culture.

What’s special about Pacman’s 30th Anniversary?

The game has simple designs and visuals that are easy to understand and this makes it an excellent choice for designers who want to break the norm in video games. The current version of the game is a powerful reminder for its user and all of us that we have to be open-minded for learning.

The current version of the game has better sound and graphics that make it a great experience for the players. The game has three different modes and achievements that allow players to set records and reach new heights.

Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary game is redesigned from the ground up during retaining back the classic feel and original look of the game. The players are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of this game as well as celebrating the nostalgic classic.

How to Play Pacman Game?

How to Play Pacman Game?

First of all, you have to choose the challenging setting of this game to play. If you get caught, you will get killed by ghosts. It is important to win that players complete all the levels of this game. Kindly, give your attention to the below points in which we discuss the following ghosts:

ghost in Pacman Game

Pinky (Pink):

Follow the instructions of Pac-Man in the game but you don’t have to support Pac-Man while playing this game if you want to win. She is moving around the walls close to you the whole game and they want you to take off the guard.

Lnky (Lightblue):   

This is the most dangerous ghost and the strategy of this ghost is the mixture of all ghost characters. So, you must have to be safe from this ghost.

Blinky (red):

This ghost is love to chase Pac-Man throughout the whole game. The in-game strategy of this ghost is to move faster than Pacman after being eaten many times.

Clyde (Orange):

This ghost will get out of his box and continuously moves his direction for the scattering phase. You must have to be careful in the lower left corner of the maze in the game.

You have to control the Pac-Man throughout the levels of the game and it will be moving from left to right and eat every item that is shown on the screen. After eating items, he will able to move to the next screen. However, ghosts are dangerous and players will lose their lives if they are caught up by ghosts. Ultimately, he will lose all of his life and will send back to level 1 where he plays from the start.

Tips that help you to win this game:

  • Eat the fruits that are shown on your screen. This will increase your points as well as increase your score.
  • You have to gather all the dots and collets the blue dots more so that it will disable the ghost. The time is limited between activating and disabling. You can catch the dots and add your score points.
  • Remember that hosts have strengths and characteristics so you have to avoid them whenever you got a chance and possibility.
  • You have three lives in the whole game so collect more and more dost before the game is finished or you run out.


Q: What is the Real name of Pac-Man’s Game?

The original name of the game is Puckman which is a Japanese name.

Q: Can I play Pacman for free on my phone?

Yes, you can play it on your phone for free. So why are you waiting? Download it now and enjoy the game with your friends today.

Q: Has anyone beaten Pacman?

Yes, Billy Mitchell was the first player who got a perfect score in this game.

Q: Why does Pac-Man end at level 256?

There is a bug in the game that stop him from being finished.


Pac-Man is one of the most popular and famous games that are played among friends. The game is released in the 1980s and since that time it is continuously playing between friends. The game is free and you don’t need any internet to play this game. How to win this game and some winning tips are mentioned in this article.

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