ChatGPT-4 Makes Waves In AI Community With 60-Second Pong Creation


The Advance technology ChatGPT-4 is now attracting the generation toward it. AI technology hasn’t come in all world but the people who are using the technology now take multiple advantages. A user claimed that the AI tools create a working version of the Pong Game from scratch in just 60 seconds. Just imagine in 60 seconds the AI tool create a game from scratch it’s unbelievable.

Microsoft Launch ChatGPT-4:

ChatGPT-4 is the latest model from the Open AI and it is the large language model which is trained up to 2021. The AI tool is invented by Microsoft Event which is held recently in Germany. It will understand the text and prompt which later convert into images and videos. The new version is only for ChatGPT pus subscribers and it is already used to power tools such as Microsoft Bing Chat Service.

Some multiple devices and gadgets are discovered as powerful tools and it is generating fully working codes for the games.

The user asks the bot to generate a version of the game:

The user designer tweeted on his Twitter account that he can get ChatGPT-4 to make a version of the game. The game’s name is pong which is already available on the internet and he told AI tool to create it in under 60 seconds. In 60 seconds, the tool provides a few basic JavaScript and HTML code which is fully working for the version of the game.

Except for this Pong game, the user also generates the working version of the Breakout through similar means as well as the rudimentary clone of the Asteroids. Other people share the AI-created version of Connect 4 snake, and much more.

Although the AI tool is very impressive now, it is under debate recently. Earlier this month a game development user ask the bot to generate the “Original” puzzle game which is called Sumplete. The digital trends state that there are multiple versions of the Sumplete game are already available on the internet.

This will raise the question that how it invented a game. In addition, we are also trying to get ChatGP4 to plagiarize its code for the game Sumplete. Simply asking the bot to generate a new game with the same name.


The new version of AI tools ChatGPT-4 creates a version of the Pong game in just 60 seconds. A user asked the bot to generate the version in under 60 seconds. AI tool provides the HTML and JavaScript codes that work exactly and create a game.

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