Microsoft’s Latest Launch: ChatGPT 4 With Revolutionary AI Videos


The most used AI tool in the recent month and still currently used by most people ChatGPT is going to update. It looks like Microsoft will go to update the AI tools that will come into the spotlight once again. The reason behind this update is that the Company is going to launch ChatGPT-4 next week. The new version will shock you. Because through this ChatGPT-4, you will able to generate the videos by providing simple prompt text.

Microsoft Introduces ChatGPT-4 in Event:

This news was exposed by Andreas Braun who is the Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft, Germany in a recent event along with the “AI in Focus”. He said at the event “we are going to launch the new model of ChatGPT which will offer you the complete all possibilities of everything like videos”.

ChatGPT-4 is the large language model technology that powers apps similar to ChatGPT currently. But ChatGPT will simply reply to you in text form. The new model will completely change things and give you unexpected things which shocked you.

ChatGPT is not the only tool that outputs AI videos. In 2022, the Owner of Facebook Meta introduces the Make-A-Video, which makes realistic videos based on the text provided by the user. It sounds like the ChatGPT-4 will generate videos similar but that’s not sure now.

AI videos, Music, and More:

In that event of AI, Microsoft Director Holger Kenn said that the new version will be multimodel for the world. It will generate videos, music, and much more by using simple prompt text. It will generate images also by translating the text.

During the event, Microsoft gave an example that how call centers used ChatGPT-4 to save the effort and time of employees. Because using ChatGPT-4, it will automatically the phone call into conservation between two employees and customers’ text. It will also summarize those calls into the text after they got finished.

Instead of the huge interest and the waiting list, the new version of ChatGPT-4 is going to launch next week and we don’t have to wait more time. We will see what the next version will do and how Microsoft will fix their lingering problems that are related to their AI Assistant.


The Microsoft Company Germany will introduce the new version of ChatGPT which is CHATGPT-4 and it’s going to be launched next week. The new version will generate videos, images, and music through text prompts.

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