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Top Elie Saab Fragrances

In the world of fashion, Elie Saab is considered the epitome of feminine grace. This self-taught clothes designer has excelled since establishing his couture studio in 1982. With his use of delicate fabrics and fairy-tale designs, Saab has established himself as a master of the garment. The most illustrious list of international celebrities may be

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Y2k Fashion For Men

Y2k Fashion For Men

Imagine flip phones returning in the future when smartphones are common. That could be a little bit of a stretch. However, during the 2000s, fashion has had a comeback. With regular television programs and memorable music videos, the early 2000s was a less complicated decade. The most recent style craze is Y2K fashion, which refers

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Famous Fashion Swiss Bloggers

Switzerland is known for its excellent banking and finance sectors and possibly its world-famous timepieces. In addition, the country’s top bloggers are starting to gain popularity. The best Swiss bloggers are quite diversified, mixing elements of three different European cultures: German-speaking, wine-drinking and carefree French, cappuccino-sipping Italians, and, of course, the traditional Swiss alphorns that

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