Exploring John Cena Biography | Wiki, Life, Career, Age, Early Life, and More

Exploring John Cena Biography Wiki Life Career Age Early Life and More


Today we are exploring the whole Biography of the Famous wrestler, Film Actor, and Television Actor John Felix Anthony. The wrestler is the famous with his name of John Cena in the whole world. We will discuss everything about his life, education, career, marriage, and net worth. 

Age and Biography of John Cena:

Age and Biography of John Cena

John Cena is also called John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. He is the most famous WWE Superstar wrestler, rapper, and American professional Actor. He is also a moderator of the TV show and the presenter of the “Are you Smarter than fifth Grade” show. Cena is now 44 years old and he was born on April 22, 1977. 

Cena is awarded many titles in his whole professional Career. He is a Five times United States Champion and Four-time group world champion. The famous wrestler breaks the record of the WWE world champion and set his record of becoming 16 times champion in the History of WWE.

In Addition, He wins one time Money in the Bank Ladder match and wins 2 times royal rumble match which is played between 30 players.

John Cena kid life, education, and Family:

John Cena kid life, education, and Family

A 44-year-old man was born in Newbury, Massachusetts. Cena had one older sibling and three younger siblings also he is half-Italian descent. His caring maternal grandfather’s name was Tony Lupien he was a baseball athlete. At the start, he joins Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. After that, he moved toward Cushing Academy which is a private prep school in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

After school, he move to and join Springfield College which is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. At that age, he was a football team player in NCAA Division 3 and wear a 54-number shirt. Shirt number 54 is now his famous shirt which is available in the inventory of WWE now. He take an undergraduate degree in physiology training and body development and then leave Springfield College in 1998. A weightlifting job is a desired job for Cena at that time.

Wrestling Career of John Cena:

Wrestling Career of John Cena:

Cena Debut Match:

John Cena made his debut on October 10, 2000, in the world wrestling federation in SmackDown week. He fight against Mikey Richardson in his debut and lost the match and the match was completely boring. After that boring match, Cena came in 2002 SmackDown week and participate in the first-ever WWE Tag Team Champions in SmackDown. In this match, his partner was Billy Kidman.

They are stepping down and over in the initial round of the match and after that Cena slapped Kidman. The fight was lost because of the mistake that is done by Kidman that’s why Cena did that with him.

Cena destroyed Kidman in the October 17 episode of SmackDown but he was defeated in the re-match with Kidman after a week on 24 October. In the mid of the 2004 year, he take an interest to participate in the Royal Rumble match and was eliminated by Big Show in that match. The winner of that Royal Rumble match was Chris Benoit.

Triple Threat match in No Way Out:

Triple Threat match in No Way Out:

After the Royal Rumble match, Now Cena takes to participate in a triple threat match and he had to face big show and Kurt Angle. If Cena wins this match he will face the WWE champion in the biggest show of WWE which is WrestleMania 2. Unfortunately, Cena didn’t win that match and the reason for the loss is that he compromise with Kurt Angle. 

John Cena try to win the WWE Championship and he was tested in a triple-threat match for the coordinated WWE Championship. The opponent Cena in that Match was Randy Orton and Triple H. Orton also engage in a fight with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. On the next night of WWE Raw, he won a beat-and-clock contest and get another chance of winning the WWE championship.

SummerSlam Match:

In the SummerSlam Match for Title WWE Championship, Randy Orton tried to defend his championship by doing different fake strategies. Similar to the Royal Rumble match Cena lost the final five because he got eliminated by the WWE Champion The Miz who was not included in the match.

WrestleMania 27 Match against The Miz:

John Cena wins the Elimination Chamber main pay-per-view match and was eligible to face The Miz in WrestleMania 27 for the WWE Championship Title match. But in WrestleMania 27, he loses the match against The Miz.

Royal Rumble Universal Championship Match:

Royal Rumble Universal Championship Match

 On January 14, Cena has to play a triple threat match against Fin Balor and Drew McIntyre and the winner of the match will play a match in Royal Rumble for the Universal Championship title. Cena failed to win the triple threat match and Fin Balor win it. John Cena is scheduled to play a 30-man Royal Rumble match but he didn’t be able to play that match because he had a knee injury in that triple threat match.

WrestleMania 35:

WrestleMania 35:

The Famous wrestler appears in the main event of WrestleMania 35 in the Doctor dress of Thuganomics. He came into the ring when Elias doing his performance and suddenly attacked Elias and destroyed his performance. The reason for the attack on Elias is that he is doing a rapine joke which is about “Turning heels”. In the end, Cena did his finisher move on Elias and leave the ring. On July 22, 2019, in an edition of Raw, he return and participate with the Usos in the battle of Rap.

John Felix Anthony Acting Career:

John Felix Anthony Acting Career

Cena made his Debut in the film industry and his first film was released in 2006 which was The Marine. This film was produced by WWE Studios and played on Fox American Channel. After the first week of release, the film got 7 million dollars in earnings and this is not done yet. The film was now playing in Cinemas and from there after ten weeks the film got 18.7 Million Dollars. When the film was released in DVD Format, they got high and earned approximately 30 million dollars in just 12 weeks.  

Except for The Marine Film Cena did many other films and his acting career is also famous like his wrestling Career.

John Cena Movies List in his Career:

John Cena Movies List in his Career:
  1. The Marine 2006
  2. 12 Rounds 2009
  3. Legendary 2010
  4. The Reunion 2011
  5. Train Wreck 2015
  6. Sisters (2015)    
  7. The Wall 2017
  8. Bumblebee 2018
  9. Blockers (2018)
  10. Fighting with My Family 2019
  11. Playing with Fire (2019)
  12. Project X-Traction (2020)
  13. F9 The Fast Saga 2021
  14. The Suicide Squad 2021
  15. The Independent 2022
  16. Fast & Furious 10 which is releasing in 2023

John Cena Television Career:

When Cena was attending his Ultimate Pro Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling classes in 2001, he was involved in the UPN Unscripted Drama Manhunt in the Show. The role of Cena is to play Tim Kingman who hunts down those people who walk in the form of outlaws.

Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards:

Australian Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

The show was held in Melbourne on October 11, 2008, in which Cena is doing as hosting along with his partner Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Other Televisions shows of Cena:

  1. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2007 (Episode: The Noyola Family)
  2. Deal or No Deal 2007 (Episode 258 on March 4, 2007)
  3. Plunk’s 2007 (May 29, 2007 Episode)
  4. Fast Cars and Superstars show in 2007. He was included in 7 episodes of this show.
  5. Saturday Night Live:
  6. In 2009 he was featured as a guest in season 34 episode 18
  7. In 2016, he did hosting on season 42 episode 9
  8. In 2021, he was again invited as a guest in episode 2 of season 47.
  9. Psych 2010 (Episode: You Can’t Handle This Episode)
  10. True Jackson 2010 (Episode: Pajama Party)
  11. Hannah Montana 2010 (Episode: Love that Let’s Go)
  12. Generator Rex 2010 (Voice; Episode: The Hunter)
  13. Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred 2011
  14. Fred: The Show 2012
  15. Fred 3: Camp Fred 2012
  16. Total Divas 2013-2018 (Season 1-6 and Guest in Season 7)
  17. Parks and Recreation 2015 (Episode: The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Exploration Show)
  18. American Grit 2016-2017 (Host and Executive Producer)
  19. The Edge & Christian Show in 2016 (Feature in 2 episodes)
  20. Total Bellas 2016-2018 (Act in the main cast from seasons 1-3)
  21. Southpaw Regional Wrestling (Web Mini-Series in 2017)
  22. In 2017 he did Television Film “Tour de Pharmacy
  23. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja 2018-2019 (Season One complete)
  24. In 2019 He did Hosting in “Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader”
  25. The Substitute 2019
  26. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 2020 (Episode: Conspiracy Theories about COVID-19)
  27. The Eric Andre Show 2020 (Episode: The ASAP Ferg Show)
  28. Wipeout 2021 (Hosting)
  29. Peacemaker 2022 (Main Role and Executive Producer)

John Cena’s Wife and Kids:

John Cena with Elizabeth Huberdeau

The Famous Wrestler and American Actor were married twice in his whole life. The first marriage of Cena was to Elizabeth Huberdeau who is famous with the name of Liz Cena. Elizabeth is from West Newbury Massachusetts but she is currently living in Florida. John and Elizabeth were high school lovers and they got married on July 11, 2009. But unfortunately, the marriage only continues for just three years, and in May 2012, they got separated.

Shay Sharitzdeh and Cena

The News is coming that Cena dated another woman Shay Sharitzdeh in 2009 and the pictures of their dating are coming on the Internet. After 4 months of separation from Elizabeth Cena married Shay Sharitzdeh on October 12, 2012. Cena and Shay were share their story that how they met in the “Playing with Fire” show in 2019.  No news about the kids of the famous wrestler he is just focusing on his career now.

The net worth of John Cena (John Felix Anthony):

The net worth of John Felix Anthony (John Cena)

According to the sources, the estimated net worth of John Cena is $60 Million. He is a successful Wrestler, Actor, and Television Actor. He is a very famous wrestler in WWE and one of the main things about him is that he never taps out during a fight. Yes, John Cena never tap out during a fight and he is the only wrestler who did this in his whole career.


John Felix Anthony who is well known as John Cena is the most famous Wrestler in WWE. He did many movies and Television Shows in his whole career. The wrestler married twice in his life and has no kids because he is just focusing on his career. 

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