The Ultimate Guide To Clean And Washing Yoga Mats In Machine

The Ultimate Guide To Clean And Washing Yoga Mats In Machine


Washing your yoga mat is quite a different and difficult thing for the people who do Yoga every day and every week. It is quite frustrating for people who are thinking about washing their yoga mats. They just did a fragrance spray on their mat so the smell will get finished.

The machine and equipment in Gym or other departments will get cleaned every day but at home, they will not get cleaned every day. You need to wash your mat for at least a week because there are a lot of dust particles on your mat. If you clean your yoga mat you can do better yoga as compared to the yoga that you did on the mat which is not clean.

In our Today Blog, we will discuss methods of cleaning the yoga mat and also there a question that raises in your mind like yoga mat cleaner, and ingredients for cleaning. Can we wash Yoga matts in the machine? We will discuss this question and tell you whether it is possible or not.

Can you put your Yoga Mat in Washing Machine?

Can you put your Yoga Mat in Washing Machine?

We are not properly saying that yes because it depends on your mat condition. What we are saying is you need to put your mat in the machine when you need to deep clean the mat. Don’t wash your mat daily in the machine. When you put your mat in the machine remember that the water in the machine is cold and make sure you wash it well because no one wants their mat will be slippery or worse.

The most important thing you need to remember about your mat is, don’t put your mat in the dryer machine after washing it in the machine. Always air dry and before all these processes kindly read the manufacturer’s tips and run the process according to them.

Process of Washing Yoga Mat in Machine.

As I earlier mentioned that before washing your yoga mat in a machine consider your manufacturer’s tips and do the process according to the tips. There are further materials that are added to your yoga mat:

  • Cotton
  • Cork
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl

There are different types of mats are available in the market. So, if one process is work for one type of mat don’t think that the same process is work for another mat.

The process of washing yoga mat is simple:

  1. First of all, put the yoga mat in the washing machine and use gentle detergent don’t use harsh.
  2. Put cold water in the machine and set the machine to a gentle cycle. Keep in mind that repeatedly gentle cycles will shorten your yoga mat life.
  3. When the gentle cycle will finish, put your mat off the washing machine and hang it on the shower rod for the air dryer. Remember that you don’t need to put your mat in the dryer directly.

How to clean yoga mat with natural ingredients:

How you can clean your yoga mat with natural ingredients:

The method for cleaning your mat using natural ingredients are below:

  • Spray Bottle
  • ½ cup Vinegar
  • 2 Table of spoons of Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Tea tree oil
  • Microfiber Cloth


Make a solution of Vinegar, baking soda, and some drops of tea tree oil and put it in the spray bottle and fill the bottle with water.

Step 2:

Now you have to spray that bottle on the microfiber cloth or any towel because you can’t directly spray on a mat.  Wipe down the towel or cloth on the mat and allow the yoga mat to be completely dry before you store it.

How to deep clean a yoga mat?

How to deep clean your mat?

You need these things to complete this process.

  1. Microfiber cloth
  2. Warm Water
  3. Distilled white vinegar
  4. Mild dish soap

If your mat can be immersed in the water you need to follow these steps:

  1. Add a compact or two of mild dish soap and put it in the bathtub. Filled the bathtub with warm water.
  2. Compact your mat in the bathtub and allow it for a few minutes to sit. After that pick a microfiber cloth or towel and wipe out your yoga mat in soapy water
  3. Wash the yoga mat well and make sure that no soap will be left behind on your mat and then empty the bathtub.
  4. Shake your mat as much as you can so that the water will leave the mat. After that hang your yoga mat on the shower rod for drying.

But if your mat cannot be immersed in the water you need to follow these steps:

  1. Mix one part of white vinegar and three parts of water in the spray bottle
  2. Then lightly the solution put on your mat and wipe it with a clean cloth or soft towel.
  3. In a spray bottle, mix one part white vinegar and three parts water.
  4. Lightly spritz the solution onto the mat and wipe the surfaces with a clean, soft, dry cloth.
  5. Pick another clean cloth and dip it in the clear water and then compress it well. After that wipe your yoga mat with that clean cloth and make sure no white vinegar part is left behind on the surface of your mat.
  6. You have to do the same process on the other side of the mat by turning it to another side.
  7. Now lay down your mat flat and hang it on the shower rod to let him dry completely.

How to Steam clean your Yoga Mat:

How to Steam clean your Yoga Mat

To steam clean your mat you need these things:

  • Water
  • Drying Rack
  • Handheld steamer or steam mop

Step 1:

Lay down your yoga mat flat on a clean flat surface. Steam it linearly by using long strokes down the length of the mat. Make sure the entire surface where your place is met is completely steamed.

Step 2:

Repeat the same step on the other side of your mat by turning it over.

Step 3:

After doing the process on both sides of the mat now hang your yoga mat to dry completely before you store it.

How you can store your yoga mat?

No matter you are cleaning your yoga mat or you complete a yoga session, it is important to focus on your yoga mat and think about how you store the mat when it is wet. According to the research, you need to leave the mat on the shower road for 24 hours so it will dry completely.

How repeatedly you should clean your yoga mat?

The answer to this question is depend on the use of your mat what is the intensity of your session and how frequently have you used your mat in a week? According to the research, you need to clean your yoga mat at least once a week, and if you notice any dirt on your mat then clean it twice a week. If you over-clean your mat and run against the manufacturer’s caution then it will wear out the material of the map more quickly.


Washing Your Yoga mat is necessary for you at least a week because you have to clean your mat before doing exercise or yoga on it. In this article, I mention many ways and you can wash your mat in the machine but you need to do it according to the manufacturer’s tips.

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