7 Practical Tips for Effective Communication in Your Relationship

Communication in Your Relationship


I am sure that you heard this sentence before “communication is the key to a perfect and strong relationship”. Yes, it sounds different but it is a true statement. But except for this sentence or statement, no one can tell you how to use this key and what good communication is, and how to do communication.

So, if we don’t use that key which is mentioned in the first line we can’t be able to open the door to a strong and perfect relationship. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the tips for communication that make a relationship strong and perfect.

First of all, we need to know what is communication. There is a bunch of definitions you can find on the available internet. But according to my point of view, “A successful way of conveying your feelings and expression to your partner is called communication”.

It’s not only communication that makes a relationship strong on the other hand you have to listen to your partner. Listen carefully to him/her when they are doing the same thing. It is absorbing and earing to listen to what your partner has to say.

“7 Tips for Effective Communication in Your Relationship”

1. Pick up on Nonverbal Cues:

1. Pick up on Nonverbal Cues:

If your partner comes home in the evening from work and you ask how’s your day. And your partner says “my day was fine”. But the tone of the answer is not right or maybe your partner is irritated, angry, and upset. There is some issue that’s why the feeling of communication is not good.

Communication is only the words we say through our mouths but our attitude and tone matter. It is a great skill if you pick the nonverbal cues in this kind of situation. You have to look at your partner’s face, hands, and body language. Are they making eye contact or not? And listen to your partner’s tone of voice carefully.

2. Ask Open-Ended Questions from your Partner:

Ask Open Ended Questions

Communication is not about you asking your partner about their and what they eat for lunch or breakfast. You can ask open-ended questions and dig deep and get to know everything about the person. You can try to know that person in deep and their feelings and their perceptions.

But it’s not always you ask open-ended questions and dig deep because some kinds of people didn’t share their feelings. An introverted person never shares their feelings and expression so it is not important to communicate heart-to-heart.

If you ask simple questions from your partner like “Is your whole day good?” then they simply answer yes or no. But if you ask how was your day? Then they have to answer briefly like in explain. In that case, they will talk with you more and chances to share something extra that they didn’t want to share. So, ask this kind of question in which the other person will express their self in detail.

But remember one thing not everyone is open-minded so that’s why you need to set boundaries in which you keep yourself and asked questions. Because some open-ended questions get irritated your partner.

3. Timing is important:

You are implementing the ways and tips for communicating better to make the relationship strong so don’t forget about the timing. Because as you heard “Time is Money” so it plays an important role in strong relationships.

It means that you have to give time to your partner every day if it is possible because talking on calls and texts will be effective. You can go anywhere and sit alone to talk with each other and give time to each other especially when the relation is started a few time ago.

4. Talk Face to Face:

4. Talk Face to Face:

As I mentioned earlier about the importance of time, in this way you can focus on the face of your partner during talking. Even topics that discuss remotely from anywhere must be discussed physically and face to face. It is one of the effective ways of making your relationship strong and healthy.

If you are talking on emails, calls, and texts then maybe there are chances that the other person will misunderstand and they didn’t clear that thing in their mind. So this kind of relationship has just the purpose but they don’t have any meaningful and strong conservation.

5. Avoid to Scream at Your Partner:

5. Avoid to Scream at Your Partner:

This is the most effective way of finishing a relationship or destroying it. Don’t yell and scream at your partner because it seems weird. Screaming during conservation is not a good part of communication. Just listen to your partner to what they want to say and talk patiently. In case your person is blaming you for something then prove yourself right in the right manner. If they start screaming then ask for a break.

 6. Understand the needs of the Partner:

 6. Understand the needs of the Partner:

In the first point, I mention that you have to dig deep so that you can understand your partner closely and deeply. It is also a good way of communication in which you understand the needs of your partner. Most relationships end in fighting because they didn’t understand the needs of each other and then start fighting and blaming each other. So, observe the needs of your partner and try to fulfill them.

7. Communication is a two-way street.

You need to take care of a few things when you are communicating with your partner. During conservation note how many times you say these words: I, We, and You. If you talk about yourself. It is not good conservation because it is like you are just talking about yourself and you don’t care about your partner.

Turn back to your partner asked about their day, their thoughts, their needs, and what they want from you. A good relationship does not depend on the side it is equally divided and both people have an equal chance to say things. Both of them need to share their feelings and expression which are in their mind.

If your partner is overtaking or dominating the conservation then simply tell them you don’t like it because if you didn’t tell they may think you are feeling comfortable. Conservation between two partners is like a tennis match in which both sides a person hit the ball with equal pressure.


These are the seven tips to communicate better way with your partner. In these ways, I mention a lot of things that you need to avoid. Because starting a relationship with someone is easy but it is difficult to maintain that relationship in a good way without fighting for the long term. You have to make yourself an honest, thoughtful, and kind person because these all will need in a strong and successful relationship.

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