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Bruce Willis’ Wife Begs Paparazzi Not To Scream At Him In The Street

Bruce Willis’ Wife Begs Paparazzi Not To Scream At Him In The Street
  • PublishedMarch 7, 2023
Bruce Willis’ Wife Begs Paparazzi


The most famous actor in the Die Hard Film Bruce Willis’s wife called the paparazzi to keep a distance and stop yelling at her husband when they see him in the public area.

The name Bruce’s wife is Emma Heming Willis who upload an emotional video on her Instagram. The video is posted to the account a weekend ago. In that video, she said “there is a lot of education about the people who suffer from dementia disease which should have spread.

Emma Heming Willis Video:

In a recent incident, there is a random photographer who speaks about Bruce Willis in public. When the actor goes to meet his friends at a coffee shop in Santa Monica. The 44 years old model notes that it is very difficult and stressful to get someone in front of the whole world and then navigate them safely.

This will be going out of the photographers about the video in which people are trying to get exclusives about Bruce Willis. She said “just keep your space from my husband I know it’s your duty but you have to keep space.

In addition, she said in the video don’t scream at her husband. She asked how he is doing or whatever he is doing don’t do such kind of rubbish things. Give my husband a free space and allow him to reach from one point to another point safely.

Heming Video Caption:  

The caption of the video is “To other dementia care specialists navigating in this world”. She asked that is there are any tips on how your loved one will go anywhere safely. Bruce Willis and Heming Willis both married in 2009 and they both have two daughters. The name of the daughters of Bruce and Heming are Evelyn and Mabel.

Bruce Willis Family Statement:

Heming requested the video came after the Willis family give a statement that his speaking is a disorder and the aphasia is progressed into the form of Dementia. It is called Frontotemporal or (FTD).

There is no treatment available for that particular disease today and it is the reality that will change in the years. Bruce’s condition is advanced now and we hope the media pay attention to his disease. Which will need more research and awareness.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, it refers to a group of disorders that will be caused by the progressive nerve cell in the brain’s frontal lobes or the temporal lobes. These areas of the brain are associated with the person’s personality, language, and behavior.


The most famous actor of Die Hard Bruce Willis faces the disease of dementia in his life of 67 years old. His wife Heming upload a video on the social platform Instagram in which she said stop yelling at my husband. Give space to him so he can go anywhere safely.

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Hassan Abrar