You Need To Watch The Greatest Marvel Movie To Ever Exist ASAP

How was Spiderman the sequel the best movie in its time? The first answer would be that the director of the Spiderman 2 was none other than Sam Raimi, one of cinema’s best and distinct artists ever to be known, in the film industries. Not only has he produced some of the most unique and well streamed movies in the past 40 years, but he always marched to do better each movie! 

Why Is Movie The Greatest To Ever Exist?

To start off on how the movie itself was good on a reputation that made a stand on the movie’s history we have to look more in depth into the details of the movie. The movie itself was great, it was a casual 127 minutes long, and the plot was amazing. With new characters, a new villain and more.

What Makes Spiderman 2 An Amazing Movie?

First, the plot is a simple plot as every superhero movie, but what gives its complexity is the characters development and choices that make the movie itself a memorable movie.

Such as the villain in the sequel, with his own backstory written in the plot ,such as a scientist that had to go through a surgical procedure that drove him into madness, making him put more with technology, giving himself 4 mechanical “arms” with the new born name Octavius. 

With that said the villain had his own points and objectives. That’s why the movie was really good, because not only the villain had his own objectives and desires, but every character had their own objectives. Also, the plot is driven by the characters choices. More specifically the battle that takes place between which characters want something and vs what they really need.

That’s why Sam made the movie an amazing art work. The plot changes by the characters perspective and choices.

Secondly, not only the characters feel alive but also the surroundings of the movie such as the city New York. The city gives the movie a personality like never seen. Instead of just making a whole world surrounded by only Spider-Man it evolves everyone, the citizens, the loved ones, the villains, the list goes on. 

Thirdly, the choices that are made in the movie were mostly realistic human-like choices. Every superhero movie their powers are what makes the plot. In Spider-Man what he makes as a choice is what he makes the plot. That’s what drives the plot for us the watchers. 

Sam Raimi Is A Genius

His choices aren’t awesome or amazing, his choices are reasonable and moral. He chooses to save who he can and how many he can. He knows he cannot save everyone and that becoming a hero has burdens and down sides. In the end the movie itself didn’t lack in the cinematography, and soundtrack. The actual most important thing the hard work put into this excellent art work.