What Century Are We In?

The 21st Century is the current century in the Anno Domini/common era according to the Gregorian Calendar. It started off on January 1, 2001 and is likely to end on December 31, 2100. 

As soon as the 21st century began, a load of events occurred. It witnessed the rise of a global economy and Third World Consumerism. Terrorist attacks increased after September 2001 and the whole world got concerned over that. The NATO inventions in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2000’s also laid down the foundation of several civil wars. Due to that, political uncertainty and unpredictability followed. 

The European Union also extended its operations in the 21st century. They successfully added 13 more nations in the list but United Kingdom quit the union. Most of the European Union member states had a soul common currency amongst each of them, the Euro. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) also greatly extended its operations in the 21st century. They went onto add 11 member states as well. 

Tension also rose when global warming started to gain more power. Basic sea levels also started to rise and between 2007 to 2014, almost eight islands went missing. 


The most recent global issue in the 21st century was the COVD Pandemic. With the start of the new decade, 2020, the COVID Pandemic broke out and it effectively killed over 6 million people all around the globe. Due to this, the world had to follow the tradition of lockdown and this caused a global crisis from which the world is yet to recover. 

Why Is It Called 21st Century And Not 20th Century?

We currently live in the 21st century. That highlights the 2000s. Any year that comes between the year 2001-2100 will be known as the 21st year. Similarly when we say 20th century, we are directly citing about the 1900s. All this is subject to the calendar we use. According to the Gregorian Calendar, the first century comprised of the years 1-100, there was never a year called 0. The second century consisted of years 101-200. 

How Long Is A Century?

A century is a period of 100 years. The world century is derived from Latin origins and it literally means “one hundred”. The anniversary of an event that took place exactly a century ago is often described as centennial. 

Is 2022 In The 21st Century?

2022 is the current year according to the Gregorian Calendar. It is definitely the 22nd year of the 21st century and the third year of the 2020 decade