United States Botanic Gardens

The United States has undoubtedly the best botanical gardens in the world. They are full of beautiful plants and flowers and they put a smile on everyone’s face. Here’s a quick list of the best botanical gardens in the U.S.

New York Botanical Garden

Based in Brooklyn, its the most favourite spot of not only locals but tourists as well. If you happen to visit it in the cherry blossom season, you’re the luckiest person on earth. Thousands of people visit this garden while the Cherry Blossom Festival is running. Its a sight of a lifetime only. 

Chicago Botanic Gardens

Its safe to say that Chicago Botanic is one of the most massive in the world. It is almost 385 acres long. It also has 27 sub-gardens located inside of it. However, whenever you visit this garden in Illinois, do go into the Bonsai garden. The Bonsai has nearly 200 bonsai trees seeded and they look so pleasing. It might take you days to finish visiting every corner of the Chicago Botanic. 

The Huntington Japanese Gardens

This magnificent garden is located in California. Yes you heard that right. California is not only about beaches and shopping but it has some beautiful gardens as well. The Huntington Japanese covers up almost 120 acres of land and has a lot of attractions stored inside of it. It also has a unique bridge that reminds us of all those ninja movies we watched. Huntington has over more than 50,000 plants. Whenever you’re in California, do pay a visit to this garden. 

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic is mostly full in every season throughout the year but if you visit it in the winter season, your experience will be unforgettable. This is because it is home to several high-altitude plants that are from different continents. 

United States Botanic Gardens

This garden is the oldest in the country and was founded in 1820 by the Congress. Its located in the political hub, Washington D.C. There’s a lot more that Washington has to offer other than political history and museums. Whenever you’re in Washington, this garden is a must visit. Its home to more than 65,000 plants. Yes it might not be as massive as some of the others mentioned in this list but it has essential historic value.