6 Tips For Abused Wives Seeking To Collect Evidence Safely

Can you Use a GPS Tracking Device?

Can you Use a GPS Tracking Device?

Infidelity is quite considered to be a form of couple abuse or neglect but collecting evidence for the proceeding of divorce is not easy. After all, it is not easy that your partner will give you his/her phone and for you will be able to read the text messages.

GPS trackers are small in size and they are indiscreet and hidden anywhere in your partner vehicle. Through this, you will know where your spouse is going and about their location. However, it is important to know whether using a GPS tracking device for knowing someone’s location is legal or not.

This technique is against the law in 50 states but there will be a loophole in this situation. If you own the vehicle and you are the only one who can drive the car then placing a GPS tracking device is okay. Because you have a purpose to place it and that purpose is to save the car from theft. This will help you to track your abusive partner.

It’s better if you tell about this situation to your lawyer before experiencing it with your spouse. Because it is possible that you could end up on the wrong side of the law and you have to tell how you gather the data.

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