Self Defense Gadgets

Unfortunately, women in general aren’t as safe as they should be. Due to recent events, conversations about safety and the need to carry out defense gadgets are rising. “Nothing is an offence when done in the exercise of the right of self defence.”

We’ve made a list of self defense gadgets that you can purchase. These gadgets will help protect you and are small enough to fit in your purse. Although, we highly recommend that you research and use these items with caution.

Pepper Spray

If you’re new to defense weapons and don’t know what to buy, pepper spray is the safest option for you. Pepper spray is less intimidating than a laser, but it is affordable. Please keep in mind, if you are ever in a situation where you will need to use pepper spray, do not spray against the winds direction or it’ll go into your eyes.

Stun Gun Keychain

Stun gun keychains are an amazing option if you’re uncomfortable carrying a taser or stun gun. This can trick any attacker that could be following you to your car. This tool is lightweight enough to be kept in any pocket or bag, even your palm. The shocker gets activated  if the safety lever on the back gets removed. It prevents accidental discharge. Please keep in mind that this product can cause permanent after applying for more than 20 seconds.

Taser Strike light

Tasers give off 5,000 volts of electricity when fired. It’s described to have a similar effect to touching a high powered electric fence. If you use this for more than two seconds, the attacker could lose muscle use and collapse. The best place to shock an attacker is chest, throat, or head, although shocking anywhere else also works.

Flashlight Taser

Flashlight tasers have about a voltage power of 12,000. It comes with a charger, which ensures the gadget can stay charged for weeks. The flashlight is light-weight and small enough to fit in your bag. It’s also easily disguised from attackers. 

Tactical Extendable Baton

This powerful tactical extendable baton is around 8 inches when closed. But it can expand 26 inches at the flick of a wrist. It’s small when it’s not being used so it can fit into your bag. The product is made out of hard wrought iron. It is resistant and easy to carry. We recommend learning how to use this properly with a self defense coach, so you don’t put yourself at danger.