Uffizi Gallery – Florence, Italy

The Uffizi Gallery is not just Italy’s but worlds most visited museum. It’s a timeless place that covers all important events that are now history. 

Visiting The Uffizi Gallery could be a long process to be fair. You can’t just purchase a ticket and go in there. Also its highly uncertain that you’ll get tickets easily. Lets say that you even manage to get tickets, you have to get through long queues, security checks and then climb a two floored staircase. When at last you enter the gallery, you’ll be flabbergasted after looking at the magnificent interior and collections. 

The construct of the gallery takes a rather maze-like structure with impeccable pieces of art and history stored within them. However did you know that the Renaissance building was never made with the intention of turning it into a museum of some sort. Giorgio Vasari was given the task of designing the entire building right beside Palazzo Vecchio. The idea was to build a place of power and authority hence the name “Uffizi” came into being. Uffizi means “Offices” in Italian. 

So all in all, such a magical place was never intended to be built in the first place and host around 10,000 guests every single day. The halls at the top floor were only designated to Grand Ducal Family. Selected guests were also allowed to visit. The Family had stored their personal artefacts at the top floor.

The Tribune

There a private room for Francesco I in the Uffizi gallery. Buontalenti created a Tribune for Francesco I to store his favourite works of art and gems. The Tribune is considered the most ancient part of the Uffizi gallery. Still intact as it was back in 1584. 

The word “museum” came into being much later when Peter Leopold opened the Uffizi gallery and its enchantment to the rest of the world in 1769. Little did he know that it will go on to become the most visited, popular museum in the world. People who are fond of art and go the extra mile for it should visit the Uffizi gallery at least twice.