Larry Johnson from Sally Face Game

The dark adventure game Sally Face game follows a boy with a prosthetic face. Larry Johnson communicates with the dead using his portable video game system to get their stories. Sal and his three friends find something genuinely sinister casting shadows over their small town following a string of enigmatic murders.

Who Is Larry Johnson?

One of the main characters in the game is Larry Johnson. He is later Sal’s stepbrother and best friend.

What Does He Look Like?

Arry had tan skin with a yellow undertone and long, dark brown hair. Additionally, he had brown eyes that, barring periods of intense emotion, were always in a neutral state. He had a gap in his teeth and a mole under his right eye. He frequently appeared wearing a blue pair of jeans with a chain on the left side, a light-mid beige shirt with the “SF” logo on it, and dark brown shoes. When he was outside in “The Wretched,” he wore a red hoodie.

What Does He Look Like As An Adult And Ghost?

As an adult, he was more muscular and had a goatee. He was sporting the same beige Sanity’s Fall shirt that he did as a teen, albeit with a slightly different logo. He had worn ragged, torn clothing as a ghost. His veins could be seen through his “skin,” and his eyes had almost turned milky white. His ghost had gotten older after wandering the void; his beard had gotten unusually long, and he was dressed in a brown robe with a pointed hood, giving him a wizardly appearance. The Headstone was also hung around his neck.

How Is He As A Person?

Larry can be both independent and relaxed. Although he gives the impression of getting along with people easily, he isn’t afraid to stand up for his convictions. He also seems to have strong feelings for his friends. As an illustration, consider his threat to harm others to defend Sal.

Larry Johnson

More About Him?

Larry Johnson is the firstborn and only son of Jim and Lisa Johnson before the events of Episode 1. He was particularly close to his father, with whom he shared a love of heavy metal and an above-average sense of curiosity, and led a relatively charmed and peaceful life in the Addison Apartments.

After playing with firecrackers against his parents’ wishes and accidentally killing Mrs. Gibson’s pet rabbit, Larry’s life took a turn. The Red-Eyed Demon approached the boy that same night and touched him. Then, things deteriorated. The following day, his father vanished without a trace, the firecracker incident landed him in jail for two weeks, causing him to miss enough school to enroll in summer school, and his bike was stolen. Larry started to feel like he was cursed after this string of bad things happened.

In the hope that his father would one day come back, Larry Johnson then took everything he had been given and hid it from his mother in his treehouse.

Sal Fisher arrived as he was finishing up cleaning Sandy Sanderson’s bathroom when Charley Mansfield broke down the door and slit the woman’s throat. Larry waited for the murderer to leave before running to his basement room out of sheer terror.