Introducing iPhone 15 Pro Max: Phone with the Thinnest Bezels Yet

iPhone 15 pro max with the thinnest bezels yet


The race of thin bezels starts many years ago. The thin bezels gave birth to unique devices such as the Vivo NEX series and Xiaomi Mi. Mix series. This kind of device pretty much sets the standard for the smartphone world of today.

While many brands left the difficult technologies such as pop-up cameras and slim bezels are yet the most for flagships. The trend was set by Apple when they launched iPhone X but Apple was not the best company when comes to creating slim bezels device. According to Ice Universe, this trend will change soon. The upcoming model of iPhone which is 15 pro max contains not only thin bezels but will become the king in the category of mobile.


According to the famous tipster, the next flagship of Apple device will bring super thin bezels. The black border of the device will measure only 1.55mm and which is far down from the 2.17 mm of the iPhone 14 pro-Max which is existing. This is a huge change for the company and no one expects this type of design.

If we do a quick comparison then Xiaomi 13 which is a slim device contains 1.811 thickness and holds the top stand in thin bezels in the world. The biggest competitor of Apple Samsung S23 has an estimated 1.95 thickness. So when the model gets released it will hold the top position in thinness bezels as well as take the crown. This also means that other brands will try to create thick devices to beat Apple.

IPhone 15 Pro Max is not alone in this regard as we know that the 15 pro max will bring thin bezels but we don’t know if they hit the same thickness as a pro. When we talk to Vanilla 15 and 15 plus then these devices would retain the iPhone 14 pros bezels. We expect a few improvements in their design but they are still behind that Pro devices offer.

The iPhone 15 has 4 models and all these models will adopt the Dynamic Island pill-shaped punch-hole. In terms of features and design, the pros model is still forward like 15, and 15 plus are still forgotten the ProMotion tech. It means that the Company still sells its flagships at just a 60 Hz refresh rate. That is pretty much low because many Android devices are cheap and offer 90 or 120 Hz refresh rates.

New Changes in iPhone 15 Pro Max:

The new model will bring some changes in the features for Apple users. These devices come with the upgrading IOS 17 software which will add creative changes to meet the new EU rules. However, if we talk about EU rules then the new devices will bring the Type-C USB port. This will be the new regulation that needs Type-C port and it is compulsory in 2024.

Of Course, the Company will not do such things which are forced by someone so that’s why they bring the Type-C port feature before the new EU rules came. Although, Apple will add some kind of suitable technologies to their USB Type-C standard. However, new rumors are coming that the USB Type-C ports will have exclusive lighting but we can’t say anything about that. Don’t worry you are probably to use the new technology of Type-C post to transfer data and for charging devices.

Telephoto Camera and 3NM SOC:

Telephoto Camera and 3NM SOC:

All models of iPhone 15 came in September this year and all of them have similar designs Based on rumors there will be upgrades in the camera for lesser models. Although, except all of this iPhone 15 pro-Max is still the better in terms of telephoto snapping. On the CPU Side, we see a big difference and 15 plus will bring the A16 Bionic from last year.


The new model of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max will beat the other devices in the thinnest bezel race. The model will come in September and have a less than measure as compared to other devices. The model also contains new extraordinary changes and features in the device.

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