Homo Habilis Clothing, Pictures, History And Evolution

Homo Habilis were one of the oldest members of the genus Homo. Although they featured a slightly bigger brain and smaller face than some even older hominin species. They still retained some features that resembled an ape. Such as, long arms and their face. 

Homo Habilis Definition

Homo habilis is an extinct species of archaic human mainly belonging to east or south Africa about 2.6 million years ago. They go by the nickname of “Handy Man” and their height can be estimated between 100 to 130 cm. 


A team of scientists unfolded fossil remains of a special early human somewhere between 1960 – 1963. The team led by scientists Louis and Mary Leakey found these remains in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. The OH7 type of specimen was discovered by John Leakey so hence it was named “Johnny’s Child”. That was because this stoneage human had some features different to those witnessed in Australopithecus. Louis Leakey along with the companionship of scientists Philip Tobias and John Napier decided to declares these fossils a new species. They subsequently named them Homo Habilis – which means Handy Man. Such nickname was given to this species because the scientists thought these humans were the ones that made numerous stone tools found at the sight of Olduvai Gorge. 

Their Survival

Homo Habilis had tinier teeth than Australopithecus but their tooth structure was thicker. According to claims, their jaws were also quite strong and shaped. This only highlights the possibility that they were quintessential to eating hard foods. Some archaeologists + scientists also suggest that their diet was flexible and they had the opportunity to choose from a wide range of foods. Homo Habilis’ diet also consisted of some hard to swallow foods like woody plants or animal tissues. However, these types of foods were not their go-to meals. They didn’t consume them on daily basis. 

Homo Habilis Clothing, Pictures, History And Evolution

Some evidences go way back such as in this context, almost 2.6 million years ago. People found some of Homo Habilis’ percussion marked bones. After laying out researches on them, scientists came round to the idea that there were definitely traces of butchery of large animals. Meat was regularly consumed and this research also embarked upon the earliest genus Homo as well. 

Homo Habilis Clothing

As of yet, there have been no records entered or discovered as to what Homo Habilis used to wear. Although judging by the fact that they lived almost 2.6 million years ago, they would either be naked or wore something made out of plants, leaves or animal skin

Homo Habilis Pictures

Homo Habilis Clothing, Pictures, History And Evolution
Homo Habilis Clothing, Pictures, History And Evolution
Homo Habilis Clothing, Pictures, History And Evolution