Johnny Depp In Tusk – Why Not Credited

In the wake of domestic abuse allegations levelled against him, Johnny Depp has become a household name. As a result, there has been an increased interest in his life, which inevitably includes the artist’s work. Kevin Smith’s 2014 film “Tusk” was one of the films that received little attention upon its initial release. Johnny Depp appeared in the film, but he appears to have received no credit. Let’s take a look at why Johnny Depp wasn’t given credit in Tusk.

Johnny Depp was not credited in Tusk because his involvement in such a minor capacity could have produced friction between Depp and his agents. Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp took the safer route and just did not give him credit. Johnny Depp played Guy Lapointe in “Tusk” without being credited or signing any form of contract with the corporation. According to Kevin Smith, the writer and director of “Tusk” (who thought of sending the request to Depp in the first place), Johnny Depp was enthralled by the plot and eager to star alongside Michael Parks.

Kevin Smith wrote and directed the horror comedy “Tusk.” The film was distributed by A24 and is based on one of Smith’s SModcast podcast stories. The part was originally meant for Quentin Tarantino, but he refused to act in the film after being offered a different part. Smith, a lover of Johnny Depp’s work, considered asking him if he would be interested in participating in the project. According to Smith, the studio he worked with was not very optimistic about such a global star. They simply claim that they would feature in the film without any written commitments. However, Smith indicated that he was willing to pay out of his own pocket if the oral arrangement was not kept.

As it turned out, Johnny Depp was filming “Mortdecai” in England at the time. And his film “Transcendence” had just opened in theaters that year. Starring in “Tusk” wasn’t particularly important for him (which is a movie of a smaller scale as is). Furthermore, as Kevin Smith shows in one of his interviews, for such a famous movie actor to undertake a small-scale film with a plot that is anything but a box-office hit or a popular favorite would almost certainly result in a quarrel between Depp and his agency at the moment.

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Aside from formalities, this turn of events is more a reflection of Johnny Depp’s personality than of the impact reputation and money have on the artist’s work. To back this up, we’ll turn to Kevin Smith, the man who directed him in “Tusk” and thought to cast him in the first place. “I am drawn to strong characters, people that know exactly who they are,” he said in another interview. This is what prompted him to consider Depp after Quentin Tarantino declined to star in the film.

Johnny Depp In Tusk - Why Not Credited

Looking back at his career, Johnny Depp first attracted the public’s notice with a little role in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” in 1984. Followed by a small appearance in “Platoon” in 1985. It resulted in his signing a 5-year contract with Fox for a leading role in their new TV series, “21 Jump Street.” Despite the fact that he was a “struggling actor” at the time. He was hesitant to take on the major part and had to not pass up such a chance.

According to the “Johnny Depp Documentary,” he was talked into accepting the role and apparently hoped the show wouldn’t last. With the popularity of the show, his fame grew and he began to project a specific image in the media. He resisted and refused to have this image next to his name.

Starring in films such as “CryBaby,” “Dead Man,” “Benny & Joon,” “Ed Wood,” “Arizona Dream,” and others. Following the timeline of his professional life, the devotion he expressed for the things and people he admires. It is no surprise that Johnny Depp would go out of his way. If necessary, to participate in a project that is so important to him.

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In reality, in practically every interview he gave about the film “Tusk,” Kevin Smith revealed that Johnny Depp praised him for the opportunity and was especially humbled when Smith was willing to accommodate the filming to his (at the time) demanding schedule. According to Depp, “if (Smith) could do that for him, that would mean so much to him.”

Johnny Depp starred in Tusk without being credited. Despite being a fan of Michael Parks and being interested by Smith’s vision. We could say he did it as a passion project since the films that are regarded “odd-ones-out.” Which tend to stimulate his attention. They aren’t typically provided to people who enjoy tremendous stardom, and, to paraphrase Kevin Smith, Johnny Depp seemed to “miss doing weird s#it.”

Johnny Depp In Tusk - Why Not Credited