Donald Trump’s Very Own Social Media Platform

Truth Social is basically an alternative social media platform created by Trump Media and Technology group. The media and technology group was founded by the former U.S. President, Donald Trump. The platform is considered as a direct alternative to already existing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Hence, Truth Social attempts to provide “uncensored” content primarily. 

Truth Social was officially unveiled at February 21, 2022. Despite being highly criticised, the app still managed to get the number 25 spot in Apple’s App Store, in the rankings of best social media apps. By August 2022, the app was considered to be up and running at its peak. However, in June Truth Social was deemed to have been going through some genuine financial and regulatory difficulties. 

Truth Social is also not available on Google Play due to its staggering and up-roaring nature. Google’s policies have made some violations on content containing physical threats and other violence-full activities. 

The idea of the app was first discussed when famous entrepreneur and ex U.S. President, Donald Trump, was banned from Facebook and Twitter. His banning was a direct consequence of the 2021 United States Capitol Attack. Similar to Truth Social, Donald Trump launched a website called “From The Desk of Donald J. Trump” that saw him posting small announcements. Nevertheless, it was shut down after a month. 

Although it must be mentioned that the introduction of Truth Social was not seen in a good way by most of the world. A reporter from CNN also prophesied that the platform “was doomed to fail”. Some reporters even claimed that the platform is going to be a threat to democracy. 

Is The Truth Social App Available?

If you have an Apple device then you can simply open the App Store, type in its name and download it. 

What Social Media App Does Trump Use?

Donald Trump has been trying to make Truth Social his primary source of social media. He is vastly seen active on the platform and also makes tweets-like announcements sometimes. 

Is Truth Social On Android Yet?

 If you’re an android user, then you’ll have to wait for the app makers to launch an android version of it. As already mentioned above, disputes between Google and Truth Social haven’t been able to construct a common ground. But there’s still hope for it to get launched on android devices as well, despite the backlash and guideline violations. However, android users can still use the app through its website. 

What Does The Truth Social App Look Like?

Truth Social looks like a slightly less developed version of Twitter. It can be easily entitled as a clone of Twitter. Users can also create public profiles that further show who they’re following. You can like, share and comment on posts like the usual as well. However the likes in Truth Social are called “Truths”. Ironically, Twitter was the first one to ban Donald Trump for a lifetime and he went onto to create a similar styled and themed social media platform