Back To The Future Logo

Back To The Future was the highest-grossing movie of the year 1985. Now it’s a global franchise that includes video games and toys. 

Back To The Future has literally become a culture for some folks out there. They still adore every single essence of it. Back To The Future was created by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis. Did you know that they continuously asked several studios to land this movie for them but it got rejected every time. Although still they somehow managed to deliver it onto the big screen and it came out to be a big hit. It was so successful and loved that it demanded a sequel.  

There were two sequels that came after the first part but they were not that well received as the first one. The directors even failed to achieve their expected revenue mark. Regardless, the trilogy had made a culture by then and it was still admired for what it brought to the society. 

However it seems like, Back To The Future media products line shares the exact same logo as the movie. A linear gradient was adopted to construct the design of the bottom and top writing. A blend of red and orange. The middle part had a yellowish tone to it. All that was written had an outline of blue. The first two movies had the same basic logo except the second part being a little more enhanced in colour. 

The third part was completely seen in a different tone. The logo was the same but this time it featured a more darker colour scheme. With the top and bottom feeling a bit more red and the middle part seeming yellowish orange.