Scariest Movies On Netflix

Netflix is by far the best streaming app in the world right now. This title drives them to be further perfect. Lately, Netflix has been making some improvements in the Horror genre as well. 

Netflix offers thousands of movies and shows with just a few clicks. However, they have been rather keen on refining their Horror movies as much as they can. We have made a quick list of the scariest horror movies available on the streamer. 

Incantation – 2022

Incantation has become the highest-grossing horror movie in Taiwan. The plot follows when Li Ronan (Tsai Hsuan-yen) breaks a religious taboo. These events lead Li Ronan to protect her daughter from the consequences of her actions. Perhaps save her from a deadly curse. 

Apostle – 2018

Apostle is a folk-horror film that takes place on a secluded island. The plot hits when a man becomes a part of the island community to look for his kidnapped sister.

He starts observing the community’s weird traditions, rules, and cultures alongside keeping a search on for his sister. In the end, a big disaster awaits him. The island design and visuals are just breathtaking as well. 

The Conjuring – 2013

The first movie that comes to your mind when you think of the word horror is The Conjuring. A horror classic, this movie is easily the most feared movie of all time. The movie features a demonologist and paranormal activities expert – who try to help a family get rid of the paranormal activities seen around their house. Things get out of hand quickly when they start searching for clues. 

Cam – 2018

This movie features a young camgirl who finds her identity stolen and she gets replaced on the show she works for. The girl she gets replaced by is an exact doppelgänger of herself. The tension goes throughout the movie with a tinge of vulnerability. A rather interesting watch for people who like risk-involved movies. 

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