90s Best Fashion – The Golden Decade Of Fashion

Often referred to as the Golden Decade of fashion, 90s fashion was all about elegance, style and aesthetic. People in the 90s used to express themselves by what they wore and their statement has been prolonged to how people dress these days. 

The 90s fashion didn’t come to being just relying on the clothes itself. But the inclusion of gaming consoles, digital phones and CD players allowed the 90s people to do justice to what they wore. These things gave a much distinguished look to their clothing and it became more and more elite. 

Similarly, there were some other factors as well that affected the all sleek dressing of the 90s. Supermodels and A-list celebrities lifted each trend to greater horizons. They even embarked themselves upon a journey to set out trends as well. Everybody wanted to wear what these public figures wore. The most adopted looks were from red carpets and music videos. Some TV shows also supported the cause of a golden era of fashion. Shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Power Rangers, Waynes World and TGIF were liked by a massive number of people back then. MTV was the only watched channel back then to be honest. 

So coming back to the context of this article, I’ll show you some of the best 90’s fashion trends and ideas there are. 

Bucket Hats

Well one of the most liked trends of 90s were the bucket hats. But did you know that they started gaining attention from the late 80s. Rappers and hip-hop singers supported the cause more. People like LL Cool J made sure to keep the bucket hat style consistent throughout the 90s decade. 

Cargo Pants

There was a high demand for cargo pants in the 90s. In fact, it even became an everyday style for most. Military khaki pants also joined the limelight during the early 90s. Some of the biggest hip-hop artists like Notorious B.I.G. loved flaunting their cargos in the most complete manner. However, 90s cargos were a lot different to today’s style variations. They had large pockets that allowed the wearers to carry extra stuff with them. 

Baggy Jeans

This infamous 90s fashion is repeating in the 2020 decade as well. Most of the people in today’s world are opting to go for a baggy fit instead of a slim or skinny fit. Yet again, hip-hop was the flag bearer of this trend. Many hip-hop artists tend to wore baggy jeans and teenagers of that time were quick to respond to that. 


Overalls were a common preference for teens and some adults in the 90s. It was also evident from the fact that almost all teens in the specific movies and shows wore them quite often. A classy overall look in the 90s could’ve been depicted by keeping one or both straps down.