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World First Robot Lawyer Gets Sued For Practicing Law Without License

World First Robot Lawyer Gets Sued For Practicing Law Without License
  • PublishedMarch 15, 2023


Being a robot lawyer in this world is not easy. The Company DoNotPay explains itself as the world’s first robot lawyer and they are been for practicing law without a license. The company is now facing a complete proposed class action lawsuit. It is filed by the law firm Edelson on March 3 a Chicago-based firm. 

For their customers, DoNotPay is not a firm, a lawyer, or a robot because they don’t have a law degree. It is not prohibited in any kind of jurisdiction and is also not supervised by any of the lawyers.

Why the Company is being sued?

According to the report, the lawsuit was filed on the behalf of Jonathan Faridian. He used the Company DoNotPay to write legal documents. The documents like a demand letter, job discrimination detail, or a small claims court filing.

Faridian charges in the report that he was under the impression and states that the legal documents were sourced by a lawyer that was competent to give them. But they only get the substandard result.

How DoNotPay works?

How DoNotPay works?

DoNotPay is established in 2015 and the purpose of the company is to help customers. Instead of parking tickets, companies use artificial intelligence (AI) to assist their customers without hiring any lawyer and provide them with legal services.

According to the website of the Company, they help customers to fight corporations and find their hidden money and also blame someone to take the court.

This is the post of the CEO of DoNotPay company Joshua Browder who said, that the allegations were without based on truth and committed to defending the company in court. The Company also not going to be bullied by the richest class Action lawyer in America.

Earlier in 2023, the Company said that they are planning to use artificial intelligence to advise people that how they face a traffic court. Of course, now this was postponed after the company received allegedly threats from prosecutors of state bars.


DoNotPay Company is using artificial intelligence to help their customers to face the court. The Company is going to introduce the world’s first Robot lawyer to practice law without any license.

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Written By
Hassan Abrar