Will Chris Evan Be Part Of The New Fantastic Four Cast?

Following Disney’s takeover of the character rights from 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited new additions to the MCU. This comes more than ten years after the team’s 2005 and 2007 standalone films. This prominently starred future MCU icon, Chris Evans, as Johnny Storm, providing their first authentic live-action adaptations. But the question on the minds of fans is: Will Chris Evan be part of the new Fantastic Four cast?

Chris Evans Appearances In MCU:

Due to his multiple appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) over the past ten years, Chris Evans is most likely best known to the general public as Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. Evans slipped on a different pair of tights before he was transformed into the First Avenger.

Midway through the 2000s, Evans made his debut as Johnny Storm/Human Torch in two Fantastic Four movies. He might also show up in the Fantastic Four sequel, only not as Storm. According to a recent claim from Giant Freakin Robot, Marvel wants Evans to play Captain America in the Fantastic Four movie, which will be a part of the MCU. Evans is reportedly interested in making a cameo, but he hasn’t agreed to do so, according to GFR.

Chris Evans Shares His Thoughts About Being In Fantastic Four.

Evans is always willing to share his thoughts on the direction the MCU is taking and how Phase 4 will continue Captain America’s legacy. Of all, the Multiverse has previously introduced enduring characters like Black Bolt, Anson Mount’s Black Bolt, and both previous iterations of Spider-Man, among others. With the appropriate tale, Evans could potentially reprise his role as Johnny Storm. Evans is in favor of making it happen when asked how he feels about the situation.

Chris Evans Shares His Thoughts About Being In Fantastic Four.

What Did He Say?

After first erupting into flames in the 2005 comic book film, Chris Evans is hoping that the third time will be the charm when he portrays Johnny Storm, in “Fantastic Four,” 17 years later.

Evans said to MTV News that he would want to give Johnny Storm a real modern-day MCU interpretation after previously appearing in the 2007 sequel film “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

” Wouldn’t that be wonderful, God? In a video interview, Evans remarked. How great would that be? No, no one has ever approached me regarding that. I mean, my appearance has changed somewhat. 15 years ago, or almost 20 years ago. I’m old, oh my God. I love the character, but I imagine: “Aren’t they working on something for Fantastic Four right now?”

However, This option has been a topic of speculation for years. The only problem is that nobody from Marvel has spoken to Evans about doing it yet. Now that he’s indicated a wish to kindle his flame, let’s hope that will change.