Solving The Mystery: Why My Marketing Emails Are Not Working

Why My Marketing Emails Are Not Working


Email marketing is the longest-running strategy that has remained inherent in the world of marketing. No matter it is a global clothing campaign or a local business that spread the news about a new product, mailing lists are frequently the first place that people turn to. For a good reason, the email ROI is the highest in the field averaging around $36 for every $1 spent by businesses.

When things are according to the plan including statistics similar to the above flooding the internet. The statement is not surprising that everyone in the world wants to try it and get a piece of the pie. The only problem that occurs is that all the email marketing is not effective. If you know how to construct these all messages then it will be a huge waste of time.

When you run the social ads and PPC then the customer has no concerns with your messages and they will not see them. Your ad will appear and be shown in their news feed and passively influence the person. Further, the ad will increase your brand visibility. The world of email is not the same and the customer has to click on your email before reading it.

The additional step design many campaigns even if your email creates it through the initial click that doesn’t means a full read. To help you to make an effective email marketing strategy, we make this guide for you. We will talk about some biggest issues in your email strategy and also tackle how to solve them.

People are not Click on my Emails:

People are not Click on my Emails

This is the first problem that most people face when they are set to launch an email marketing campaign. The difference between an email that is opened by a customer and an email that is not opened is the subject line of the email.

The subject line of your email will contain a few words, but in that few words, you need to capture your audience. Never go with the generic subject lines, general lines, and impersonal ones because these all often fall fat. Except for creating a big story to capture your audience, simply create a subject line like: “(your name), we have something big to tell you”. It will be enough for the customer to click on your mail.

From time to time, try out the different catchy subject lines. If you are experimenting with different subject lines, then it will increase the number of clicks on your email that you probably get before. The other benefit of experimentation is that you will improve your writing style which will connect you with your audience directly. This will help in all aspects of marketing down the line.

It is better to research your own because if something works for your organization may not work for some other industry. You will frequently find yourself using various styles for multiple email content. Maybe you have a subject line that will work for the sales email. On the other hand, a completely different format will get clicked when it implements in newsletters.

Take time to experiment with different strategies and it will not be done immediately. It takes your time and once you did the work it will give you a lot of benefits.

My Emails have a High Bonus Rate:

Don’t worry if your email gets many clicks but the customer doesn’t read them for a long time, you are still in a good place. Getting clicks from the audience is the hardest thing you have to get from the audience so if you are already here, then it is a big achievement for you. Now, you just have to think about what to include in your email so that the audience will read it.

Make sure that your email does not look like a blog post. You don’t include big paragraphs, long texts, or anything that people don’t like. Stick to one headline, a few words in text form, and include plenty of graphics in your email. People will attract to images 60,000 times faster than text and it is a great way of engaging your audience with your email.

Another way of engaging your audience in your email is to make sure that the email will look professional. Instead of simply texting Goodbye at the end, you need to inject a few elements of personality into the mix. A great way of doing these steps is that create email sign-offs that has a human element.

Many brands tend to make email communication that feels too staged and stagnant. However, if you have a professional company then your audience will likely know the people behind your company. Instead of just typing your name and a few heartfelt “thank you for reading” it will go a very long way.

None of My Emails Convert into the Clicks to my Website:

None of My Emails Convert into the Clicks to my Website:

There are different purposes for sending emails but the end goal of the email is that you have to share the information. Above all, you have to think of your email marketing communications in a way of giving your audience. It is enough so that your audience will get interested in what you are saying and click on it.

This will come in multiple forms. Maybe you have a few products that you think your audience will like and show them off in a fancy product newsletter. Alternatively, you might get a blog that you want the audience will read it. In this case, you will summarize the list of the top stories from the last week. Whatever you will done, always remember that you have to divert your audience to other emails and attract them to your site.

Call To Action (CTAs)

If you are not able to do this, then focus on recapturing the Call to Action (CTAs) that will use within your email. Don’t write “Read More” at the end of the story and you should continue your story with CTA. It will hold off at the cliffhanger and drive the audience to click a link.

In Alternative, you will offer a small discount on your emails, which will attract people to get rid of their emails and come to your page to see the product. Recapturing your CTAs will take some time but on the other hand, A/B testing will go a very long way toward recapturing what you are providing.


The world of email marketing is rich and rewarding. It is difficult to get clicks on your emails because many companies are doing this. So, in that case, customers have so many emails from multiple companies and they don’t know which is best for them.

Your email of yours should be attractive and different from others. Try to write attractive subject lines and don’t fill your blog with long paragraphs and text. Make sure to put plenty of graphics in your email because graphics attracts 60,000 times faster than text.

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