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Who is Joelle Rich, Johnny Depp’s New Girlfriend, According To Reports?

Who is Joelle Rich, Johnny Depp’s New Girlfriend, According To Reports?
  • PublishedOctober 18, 2022

Johnny Depp is back in the news months after his highly publicized defamation trial ended in a victory. According to People, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is allegedly dating the British attorney Joelle Rich who was a part of his legal team in the UK and represented him in his 2020 libel claims against the British tabloid The Sun. So who is this 37-year-old London-based lawyer who has replaced Amber Heard as Johnny Depp’s new girlfriend?

Johnny Depp’s New Girlfriend Joelle Rich A British Barrister

Rich attended North London Collegiate School and the University of Birmingham, according to her LinkedIn profile. According to Fox Bangor, she also enrolled at BPP Law School in 2006 to take electives in media and entertainment as well as a legal practice course. Before joining Schillings, Rich worked as a lawyer at the international legal firm DLA Piper. The British attorney is currently a partner with Schillings, which takes pleasure in being a privacy and reputations services company.

She Was A Member Of The Team Defending Johnny Depp In His UK Libel Case

In his libel action against The Sun in 2020, Depp represented in court by a group from Schillings that included Rich. According to Yahoo, the actor and the attorney worked together for four months on the trial in question.

The 59-year-old actor filed a lawsuit against the British tabloid newspaper after it published a 2018 piece calling him a “wife beater.” According to the BBC, Depp found not guilty after the judge found The Sun’s piece to be largely accurate and decided in their favor.

She And Depp Had Been Dating For Some Time.

According to US Weekly, the newly popular pair currently committed to one another. The British attorney reportedly traveled to Virginia to support Depp even though he was not a member of the Fantastic Beasts actor’s defamation trial team. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Virginia jury decided in favor of the Hollywood actor against his ex-wife Heard and gave him more than $10 million in compensation and punitive damages.

Johnny Depp's New Girlfriend

She Also Represented A Member Of The British Royal Family.

Rich has been a strength in her work dealings despite the turmoil in her personal life. At the Citywealth Future Leaders Awards in 2021, she was given a silver medal for the “Future Leader Initiative of the Year.” In addition to Depp, she also represented Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, in 2021 when she sued the British newspaper Mail on Sunday, according to NDTV.

The Schillings attorney stated that she wished to maintain the challenging problem-solving part of her work in an interview with The Law Society Gazette. The best field to apply that expertise more originally, she continued, was law.

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