Where Is Mayakoba? Full Guide

Mayakoba is a 620 acre vicinity filled with beaches and lagoons accompanied by the Riviera Maya on the east coast of Mexico. It’s a very sophisticated area that has a very close circle community. Mayakoba also consists of four hotels and luxurious private-owned residencies. 

Mayakoba, Mexico, Full Guide

Where in Mexico Is Mayakoba Located?

To further enhance the clarity of its location, Mayakoba is located 30-35 minutes south of Cancun. You can also find many small towns near it. For example, Tulum or Playa del Carmen. When you reach upon the gates of Mayakoba, be ready to get surprised as you’ll not be the only guest there. It has high tourism value and on your trip there you’ll get a chance to interact with people from different parts of the world. 

In order to get into Mayakoba, you must book a flight to Cancun International Airport. That’s because it’s the closest city in the Yucatan Peninsula. On each given day, numerous of flight land into the Cancun International Airport. However, if you’re travelling from New York City then it’ll take about 3 to 3.5 hours for you to get there.

After you land in Cancun, it’s on you to whether take a taxi or have a private car waiting for you thanks to a pre-booking. Each of the four hotels in Mayakoba can send a car as well and add the charges collectively to your room’s bill. Although if you’re not looking to head into Mayakoba, then having a pre-booked private car is best. 

Which Mayakoba Resort Is The Best? What Hotels Are In Mayakoba?

As already mentioned above, Mayakoba consists of four main public resorts. Their names are: Banyan Tree, Fairmont, Andaz and Rosewood. Each resort is filled with luxurious services and is a big brand. 

Banyan Tree:

Banyan Tree is basically originated from Thailand and manages to attain their Thai tradition regardless of the borders in between. You can also find the infamous Thai restaurant, Saffron there as well. What makes it even better is that each food is prepared and served by original Thai chefs. You can also find Thai themed spas and architecture. If you’re not entirely focusing on a budget, nothing tops the luxuriousness of Banyan Tree. In peak days, $2,300 per night can be charged. 


On your arrival in Mayakoba, the first resort you come across is Fairmont. They carried out various renovations and constructions in the last few months in order to get in the same tier as the other three in line. It’s safe to say that during the renovation times the per night charges were relatively low. Around $500 per night was the starting rate and $650+ per night was for the all-inclusive plan. 


Andaz can also be looked upon as a potential option whilst visiting Mayakoba. It has cheaper rates compared to Banyan Tree and Rosewood (both are the most luxurious hotels in the enclave). Behind Andaz is the Hyatt company that is responsible for carrying out many great infrastructure projects in different parts of the world. Starting rate of Andaz is around $650 per night and $1,100 for all-inclusive. 


Probably one of the most -if not the most- luxurious hotels in Mayakoba is Rosewood. Many big personalities such as celebrities and athletes choose Rosewood as their number one choice for staying whenever in Mayakoba. Rosewood also contains many private residencies as well. Starting rate of each night is around $3,000.