What Took Place With Johnny Depp’s Teeth For Them To Look So Bad?

For a very long time, Johnny Depp has recognized as one of the most attractive men working in the entertainment industry. He has a prominent facial profile and a long career as a leading man, all of which have contributed to his success in the industry. However, one feature of his work in recent years has caught the attention of several of his fans as being very significant. Even though Johnny has a variety of attractive physical characteristics, Johnny Depp’s teeth dental health might need some improvement.

Why Does Johnny Depp Have Crooked Teeth?

Although there has been a lot of speculation regarding Johnny’s dental issues. None of the many hypotheses that have put up on the reasons for these issues supported by any real information. Some have proposed that they caused, at least in part, by the fact that he smokes, which known to promote tooth yellowing. The actor’s mouth has more going on than just discolored teeth because he also has a visible pair of gold veneers.

The actor who played Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films said to have obtained such gold veneers while working on the set of those movies, according to rumors. The actor appeared in the movie with a golden smile, and after appearing in the series, he might have decided to preserve his golden teeth as a permanent part of his appearance. If he accomplished this early, he wouldn’t have to worry about having them added when he featured in later movies in the series.

It’s Unclear, If Johnny Depp Upset About The Condition Of His Teeth

Even though Johnny has been in the spotlight for several other troubling reasons, it doesn’t seem like he places much attention on the appearance of his teeth. Since he has always interested in playing oddball and unusual characters, his teeth probably don’t bother him at all. He never had any desire to play the part of a leading man or adhere to the criteria of beauty that characterize them.

Johnny Depp's Teeth

Could The Condition Of His Teeth Have Gotten Worse With Age?

Some have suggested that in addition to the consequences of aging, Johnny’s disintegrating teeth might be the result of genetic susceptibility. Even though his teeth aren’t quite as attractive as when he was younger, there may not be anything wrong with him other than the fact that they have changed through time. He might have hereditary traits from his family that he inherited at birth that are the cause of his dental problems.