What Is The Longest River In United States

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world. It has lots of mountains, valleys and rivers in it as well. The rivers in the country cut through many places. There are deep river valleys and some flowing through mountains. Its safe to say that some of the largest rivers in the world can easily be found in the States. 

Here’s a quick list of the most longest and largest rivers in the United States. 

Missouri River – 3,768 Km

Missouri River is not only the longest river in U.S. but one of the longest in the world as well. It measures at an approximate length of 3,678 km. Here’s a fun fact, this river flows around 1/6 of the entire North America. Many smaller and shorter rivers and tributaries flow into it as well. 

Mississippi River – 3,544 Km

It can be said that the Mississippi River is the second longest river in the U.S. It can be easily measured at a staggering 3,544 km. Some of it’s tributaries also join the Missouri River (1st on the list). Together they make one of the largest river systems in the world. This river’s mouth ends on the Gulf of Mexico. 

Yukon River – 3,190 Km

Yukon River is the third longest river in the States measuring at 3,190 km in length. Did you know that this river actually starts from Canada and then gradually starts flowing from Yukon Territories. The Yukon River also flows throughout the entire state of Alaska. 

Rio Grande River – 2,830 Km 

Rio Grande River also goes by the nickname of “the big river”. It is definitely the fourth largest river in U.S. and it measures at an approximate of 2,830 km in length. The big river also flows through New Mexico and then subsequently forms a barrier with Texas and New Mexico. In Addition, it ends on the Gulf of Mexico. 

Colorado River – 2,330 Km

The Colorado River is 2,330 km in length and finds its headwaters in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Its mouth is in the Gulf of California. The Colorado River flows through many valleys and mountains. It also flows through the Grand Canyon. This river is an essential source of water for cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Diego. 

Arkansas River – 2,322 Km

As the name already suggests, this river primarily flows through Arkansas. The Arkansas River finds its headwaters in Colorado and then flows eastwards flowing through Kansas. After completing the Journey through Kansas, it finally lands in Arkansas. The river also covers a distance of 2,322 km. This river is also a tributary of both Missouri and Mississippi River. 

Columbia River – 2,000 Km

The Columbia River has definitely got a spot in this list because it covers a length of approximately 2000km. In addition, the Columbia River is the second longest river in North America. This river also flows into the Pacific Ocean. Columbia River is also responsible for almost half of all hydroelectricity in the U.S.