What Is Osmosis Crypto? How To Buy Osmosis Crypto

Osmosis is a cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) that’s been developed and built with the Cosmos SDK. The program lays out the foundation for developers to build, design, and release their own AMMs. All thanks to its on-chain governance system. 

Osmosis is a protocol that’s allowing its users to create AMMs with liquidity pools. Osmosis also adopts the usage of Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) to ease the flow of cross-chain transactions. To suffice it in simpler words, Osmosis is a decentralized exchange that is developed and composed for Cosmos. Another goal of Osmosis is to aid its operations with other blockchains in the foreseeable future. 

On top of all, Osmosis is the first Cosmos-based AMM DEX in the world. The total Value Locked (TVL) of Osmosis has also increased since the start of 2022 ($811.63m – $1.79b). Furthermore, Cosmos is available in the top 20 cryptocurrency markets so they’re bound to enjoy sustainable growth. Some AMMs include Curve Finance, Balancer, and Uniswap.

It is believed that Osmosis is inspired by all three of the AMMs mentioned above. However, now it can be stated that Osmosis has the advantage of all these three. It can be said about Osmosis that they wish to offer and provide top-tier tools that make the usage of AMM beyond what the quintessential token swap usages are. 

Who Owns Osmosis Crypto

The founders of Osmosis are Josh Lee and Sunny Aggarwal. Both co-founders worked as research scientists at Tendermint. They both have ample experience in the crypto field and also have developed their own wallets and blockchain companies. 

What Is Osmosis In Crypto?

Osmosis is a DEX protocol system that uses smart contracts to estimate and identify the price of digital assets and further produce liquidity. The use of AMMs already classifies crypto assets in liquidity pools. 

Is Osmosis Crypto Open Source?

Yes, Osmosis is an open source that was built using the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK). Cryptos that base their operations on Cosmos work quickly and in an environmentally friendly way. They also offer the provision of cheaper transactions and trades. 

Where And How To Buy Osmosis? Follow The Step By Step Guide

To successfully purchase Osmosis we’ll take the example of Binance Exchange and the Keplr wallet, the most used wallet linked to all Cosmos networks. 

1. First you have to sign up and create an account on Binance. For that, you’ll need to verify yourself in a complete manner to avoid fraud and thefts. In order to maximize your trading, they’ll ask for your passport copy and driver’s license copy. 

2. After you’ve successfully verified your account, you have to inject and deposit some cash into it. You can link your bank account with your Binance account or you can adopt the usage of debit/credit cards. 

3. When there’s sufficient cash available in your account, you should be all set to place your order. You can officially trade on the platform with other traders. You can select your desired amount of Cosmos to buy as well. 

4. Once you have ATOM in your possession, go to your wallet and withdraw it. 

5. Then open your Keplr wallet and copy the address written over there. In order to successfully transfer ATOM from Binance to Keplr, you must enter that address. After transferring the ATOM, your wallet will show them within some minutes. 

6. After that open the Osmosis site, link your wallet to their platform and confirm on Kepler. 

7. Lastly, select the Osmosis and choose how much you’re willing to spend. After you’ve chosen, you’ll be shown some important notices and you have to confirm them all. Then confirm the transaction in your Kepler wallet and you’ll imminently have OSMOS in your wallet.