What Fashion Is Trending 2022?

As influential as runways are, trends do not emerge solely from them. There was a clear direction coming from Gen Z and their preferred social media platform, TikTok, which was visible across the shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Youth is still currency in fashion circles, but not in the same way it used to be: you don’t have to be young to be hip. However you can certainly steal the outfit ideas and reference points of a younger generation. Many looks have been inspired by the fashion choices shared on TikTok and the coolest Depop resellers’ accounts. Including many looks echoing the fashion choices shared on TikTok and the coolest Depop resellers’ accounts. Blumarine did it the most authentically.

But wait, there’s more! So much more, which is why we couldn’t pick just one or two main trends. Instead we found 16 key looks, pieces, details, and ideas that create the most important summer 2022 fashion trends, backed up by expert insight.


On the opposite end of the color spectrum, there is a rise in interesting, ultra-luxe but ultimately very wearable wardrobe staples. This does not imply boring, but rather low-key staples with interesting twists. Like a trench coat with a unique lapel, a co-ord set with quirky buttons. Or a pair of tailored trousers in an unusual silky-satin finish.

Lyst, the leading shopping app, predicts that this trend will really resonate with consumers in summer 2022. “As the fashion world awaits the return of Phoebe Philo, we anticipate an increase in demand for minimalistic pieces. Searches for monochromatic co-ords, neutral tones, white shirts. Also, leather loafers, and wide-leg suit trousers have increased since September. Which indicates a shift toward a more low-key luxury approach.”


According to Google Trends, the number of searches for “platform shoes” more than doubled between December 2020 and December 2021. Since “Freedom Day” finally arrived (and then vanished), the desire for revenge heels has resulted in resonance with content and social posts we have produced around party shoes and incredible heels.

However, now that many of us have experienced the comfort and ease of wearing chunky, stompy flats all year, there’s no turning back. Designers are now looking at platform shoes for every level of elevation and every possible task. There is still a strong preference for sensible sandals that can be worn all day. There are now varying degrees of high-heel platforms that you could consider for work, parties, or simply being chauffeur-driven in.

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts have reigned supreme for some time now but during the summer of 2021. We noticed an increase in people wearing maxis on our Instagram and TikTok feeds. The trend is expected to continue in 2022, with key brands such as Louis Vuitton and Givenchy supporting the cut. These descending hemlines have a Y2K feel to them. Now with simple tube styles that fit closer to the ankles being more prevalent than, say, a hippy, tiered cut.

“I like this trend because it stands out even if it is a simple color or cut.” Personal shopper and fashion expert Angelina Pietrafesa said. “Extremes rather than ‘in the middle’ are proving popular, and I personally prefer to go really short or really long. Extreme lengths are easily paired and contrasted, always creating a more dramatic look, day and night.”


As previously discussed (feared? ), there will be no way to avoid Y2K in 2022. The noughties have been pillaged for all they’re worth, and the results demonstrate a sliding scale of devotion to the past. Some looks are merely a subtle nod to the past, while others are a full-fledged homage. So you can channel Britney, Mariah, Xtina, and others by wearing a lot of denim or butterfly tops with low-slung trousers. Or you can go for more minimalist, muted pieces. They simply echo the silhouettes of the time, such as boot cuts, skimpy shirts, and crop tops.

Y2K came up repeatedly in Edited’s deep dive on the season’s offering—far too frequently to ignore. “Nostalgia reigned supreme, with designers drawing inspiration from bygone eras to shape future trends. Exposed midriffs, low-slung denim, butterfly patterns, and micro miniskirts were seen at Blumarine, Chanel, and Fendi’s Versace presentation around the year 2000. Mini skirts account for 46% of all skirts sold online by fast-fashion retailers. While consumers are divided about hip-hugging jeans, brands are betting on this silhouette and modernizing it for summer 2022. The style has grown 21% year on year, with retailers adding low waistbands to slouchy, relaxed fits to make the trend more appealing.”

Ruffle Feathers

This is a fabrication trend that has been on the rise for some time, with this holiday season’s party attire being abundant in it. Our social feeds are full of this playful look, from Sleeper’s instantly recognizable and oft-copied feather pjs to Taller Marmo’s fabulous, frou-frou gowns. According to Google Trends, searches for “feather dresses” are four times higher than this time last year. Even a cursory look on the high street will reveal that this is starting to hit the mainstream, with feathered pieces available at Kitri, ASOS, and River Island.

School Uniform

It’s strange how, given all the fashion options available, designers can’t help but fall back on the safety of a uniform. Classic pieces and combinations that you’d instantly associate with what you wore to school have made a comeback. However, the way they’re styled may be more rebellious than you remember. It’s preppy but far from prim.


As far as new silhouettes go, this is the main update for spring/summer 2022, and I’m really excited about it. It’s been a long time since the puffball looked so good—the last time I was interested was because of Carrie Bradshaw’s floral vintage dress in the first film. (Do you remember the one with the huge red roses and the big, poufy peplum over the pencil skirt?) The extreme outline has been lifted from the 1980s and completely updated for the coming season. Loewe’s voluminous hems looked great on denim skirts. Simone Rocha’s bouncy tulle dresses were transformed into daywear by nana-ish cardigans, and Richard Quinn did it best for high-octane after-dark. “With the Y2K and 1980s revivals in full swing.” Says LYST, “more shoppers are looking into bolder options.” This retro reference fits the bill if diving into the noughties isn’t for you.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Pixelformula/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock (9085133ai) Model on the catwalk Saint Laurent show, Runway, Spring Summer 2018, Paris Fashion Week, France – 26 Sep 2017