What Episode Does Ace Die?

Ace is undoubtedly one of the highest and longest running manga series of all time. It has over 1000 chapters and this factor has allowed them to gain many followers. There are many fan favourite characters in One Piece but nobody seems to forget Ace. 

Ace has surely had a significant impact on One Piece’s history. He participated a lot during the series as Pirate King’s son and big brother of the main character. His younger brothers, Luffy and Sabo admired him a lot and even idealised him. However, he died during the Marine Ford storyline, so he subsequently wouldn’t be able to witness the end of the One Piece adventure. 

How Did Ace Die?

His death is actually based on a chain of events. It all started when Ace tried to punish Blackbeard. It is a big deal in the Whitebeard ship because Blackbeard murdered one of his friends. Hence, it didn’t end well for him in the brawl and he was subsequently handed over to the Marines by Blackbeard. Due to this, Blackbeard was entitled Warlord. The world government imminently stated that Ace would be publicly executed in Marine Ford. Although this led to one of the most fierce battles in the One Piece history. 

Unfortunately, many pirates gave their lives in line in order to save Ace from the oppressors. Ace somehow managed to escape the imprisonment but little did we know that he will die whilst trying to save his younger brother Luffy. Aikanu released a volcanic fist towards Luffy and Ace jumped in front of Luffy so he can take the damage and not his beloved brother. Apparently, Aikanu’s fist left a hole in Ace’s chest and the poor thing died on spot. Aikanu then went onto become the most hated character among One Piece fanatics. Aikanu also played a major role in the death of many influential pirates as well. 

In Which Episode Does Ace Die?

His soul left his body in the Marine Ford arc that spanned for 33 episodes. Started from episode 457 and ended on episode 489. The title of the episode in which Ace dies is known as, “Looking for the Answer — Fire Fist Ace Dies on the Battlefield”. Portagas D. Ace officially dies in episode 483. 

He was one of the most beloved characters throughout the series and fans got attached to him. Many fans contemplated the possibility of him living and fighting alongside Luffy and Whitebeard Pirates.