WatchOS 9 Features

When watchOS 8 is released in September 2022, it will be replaced by watchOS 9, the most recent version of the watchOS operating system that powers the Apple Watch. At the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference in June, watchOS 9 was revealed. With a focus on improved health and fitness features, the watchOS 9 upgrade includes design updates, new watch faces, and new apps.

There are now four brand-new watch faces available. While Playtime features entertaining, animated, and personified numbers produced in partnership with artist Joi Fulton, Lunar shows the connection between the Gregorian calendar and different lunar calendars. Astronomy is an updated version of the original astronomy watch face with an updated design and fresh star map and cloud data, while Metropolitan is a classic type-driven watch face with a style that varies when the digital crown is turned.

WatchOS 9 Features: New Watch Faces


Turning the Digital Crown changes the look of the iconic Apple Watch face Metropolitan. When the wrist is lowered, created specifically numbers spin to become tablets and change in style and weight. The circular dial’s colors can change and it can hold up to four complications.

WatchOS 9 Features: New Watch Faces


Playtime is a dynamic, exciting Apple Watch face with animated numbers that were created in collaboration with the artist Joi Fulton. The characters respond when you tap on them and the background changes as you spin the Digital Crown, animating the confetti. There are no problems; you can choose a background made of solid color or confetti.


A remastered version of the original Astronomy watch face, Astronomy features a new star map and real-time cloud information for your location. The typeface can change, and the main view can be set to the Earth, Moon, or Solar System. However, it supports two complications, and you may fast-forward or rewind to watch the moon phase or planet’s location on a separate day by turning the Digital Crown.

lunar watch feature


The lunar watch face shows how the Gregorian calendar. And the lunar calendars used by the Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew cultures relate to one another. With this watch face, you may use up to four complications.

WatchOS 9 Features: New Updated Apps

ECG Improvements

Atrial fibrillation (AFib), an abnormal heart rhythm that may signal major medical conditions, can be found using the ECG app on the Apple Watch. Apple offers a new AFib History option that can track atrial fibrillation for anyone who has received a diagnosis. You can determine how frequently your heart suffers arrhythmias with AFib History. And you can also discover how things like sleep, activity, and weight can impact AFib.

ECG Improvements

New Workout Updates

In watchOS 9, you may see new views of stats while working out that depend on the type of exercise you’re performing and include Activity rings, Heart Rate Zones, Power, and Elevation. Heart rate zones make it possible for you to quickly assess your level of intensity. Depending on your heart rate, you can travel through several zones while you complete your workout. You can manually create training zones or the Apple Watch will compute them for you based on your unique health data.

Different work and rest intervals may add to workouts to accommodate different training methods. And the Apple Watch can provide notifications for pace, heart rate, cadence. And power so you can keep track of whatever metric you require.

New Workout Updates

The new Running Form Metrics, which include step length, ground contact time, and vertical oscillation, are all intended to help you understand how effectively you run. Apple will provide feedback for running sessions to let you know if you’re on pace to achieve your target. Running Power, a measure of your effort when running, can also be calculated on the Apple Watch. And workouts like outdoor running have an improved workout summary.

Apple Fitness

On third-party televisions that are compatible, subscribers to Apple Fitness+ who use AirPlay to watch their exercises can now view their real-time metrics. A new trainer callouts option has also been added to the service. Intensity Metrics will be mentioned by Apple Fitness+ trainers and will be displayed on the screen as motivation. The four levels of intensity are Easy, Moderate, Hard, and All Out. To help customers manage their pace and get the most out of their workouts, trainers are now providing additional support with rowing, cycling, and treadmill workouts.

Sleep Tracker

In watchOS 9, Apple improved significantly the built-in Sleep app on the Apple Watch by adding Sleep Stages. The Apple Watch can tell you how much time you spent during the night in REM, Core, or Deep sleep as well as how much time you were awake thanks to Sleep Stages. The Health app has charts that compare your heart rate and breathing rate. While you sleep so you can evaluate how you’re doing throughout the night.

Sleep Tracker

Medication App

Along with a feature in the Health app on the iPhone. There is a new Medications app for the Apple Watch. You may add all of the prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements you take. Along with a schedule of when you should take them, to your iPhone. From there, you can set up your Apple Watch to remind you to take your meds. And track your behavior by marking the times you remember to do so.


Which Apple Watch Will Get WatchOS 9?

On June 6, Apple took the stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to introduce WatchOS 9, the upcoming big update to the Apple Watch operating system. WatchOS 9 was released together with the Apple Watch Series 8 on September 12 after several months of beta testing. However, The Apple Watch Series 4 and all later models will support WatchOS 9. This includes the Apple Watch Ultra, Series 5, SE, Series 6, 7, and 8.

How Do I Get WatchOS 9?

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, select General > Software Update, and you can get watchOS 9 for nothing. The Apple Watch must be charged to at least 50%, be placed on a charger, and be within range of the iPhone to install the new software.