Tyre Nichols: What you want to know about his Death after Memphis Police Encounter

Tyre Nichols


A 29-year-old Tyre Nichols died on 10 January after being arrested by the Memphis Police Department. The Police caught him on the road on 7 January because of reckless driving. After three days on January 10, 2023, he died on the road while running toward his mom’s place.

According to the autopsy report of Tyre Nichols, he is beaten roughly by the police officers. Many wounds are shown on his body of Nichols. The family of Nichols is saying that the five policers beat Nichols very roughly.

The police department is investigating the whole situation and wants to know the exact matter. They also found a video so that they show that video to the public and the remaining information about this case also comes out. The Memphis department is expect that the video will tell us more details about what led to Nichols’s Death. The authorities also have yet something to tell about that.

Who was Tyre Nichols?

Who was Tyre Nichols

 A Tyre Nichols 29-year-old boy who worked in FedEx on the second shift. FedEx is the parcel company and Nichols comes back to his mother’s house at 7 pm every evening for a meal break.

Tyre Nichol is married and he had children of four years old. He had an interest in sunset photography and skateboarding. According to their mother of Nichols, she said that there is a tattoo of her name on the hand of Tyre Nichols.

She said that she had proud of her son because every son does not have a tattoo of their mom’s name. She said my son was beautiful and I love him.  

What happened on 7th January? When police stop Tyre Nichols

According to his family, The Memphis police caught Tyre Nichols on 7th January for alleged rash driving. The Memphis police department said that when they are reaching his vehicle rough and rash language from Nichols comes. Additionally, after the rash language, he ran away and when they arrested him finally there is another rash language from Nichols’s side and then the police encountered him.

After 3 days, the encounter comes as a result of the dead body of a young black man near his mother’s house. He is bullied and beaten by the police officers. The authorities provided more information about the incident.

What information does the video give?

The video is a total of three minutes in which Tyre Nichols is beaten by the police officers. The public had yet to see that video but the family members of Nichols have seen that video. The lawyer of Nichols’s family said that police used a stun gun to arrest Tyre Nichols and beat him very badly.

The lawyer that Nichols was a human pot those police officers and it is not only violent it is savage. The family also said that when the police were going to encounter him he said that he wanted to go home.

In the video, Tyre Nichols continuously said that he want to go home simply and the video was record some 100 yards away from his home.

When did the video gets released?

According to the Shelby District Attorney, they said on 23 January that the video will be release in the upcoming days or maybe next week. The Memphis police department also give the same statement.

The Memphis police chief, CJ Davis, decried the fatal incident, calling it “heinous, reckless, and inhumane”.

What police said to the public?

David the head of the Memphis police department said that this is not just a professional failing it is a failing of humanity. I am the mother and I am the care person of this citizen and I am not saying as chief police. David said these all as humanity. I want the best for all the members of the citizens.

The chief police officer said these statements in the video which is post on YouTube.

What charges faced the five officers?

What charges faced the five officers
  1. Official Misconduct.
  2. Official Oppression.
  3. Aggravated Kidnapping.
  4. Aggravating Assault.
  5. Second Degree Murder.

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