Tom Brady Miami Dolphins. End Of Career?

The NFL recently handed down a massive punishment ruling to the Miami Dolphins. Stripping them of a first and third round pick and suspending/fining their owner and another member of their executive team for tampering violations. By stemming from interactions they had with Buccaneers QB Tom Brady and former Saints HC Sean Payton.

During Tom Brady’s brief retirement this offseason, there were numerous reports and rumours about the Dolphins attempting to entice him out of retirement to join the team as a minority owner and starting quarterback.

Tom Brady has returned to Tampa and determined that he still has some unfinished business. There have been some rumors about a possible move to Miami when his contract in Tampa expires at the end of this season, and as we’ve seen with this story thus far.  When there is smoke, there is fire.

However, does the NFL investigation and sanctioned punishment effectively end that possibility?

The simple answer is no.

This ruling in no way prevents that from happening.

Tom Brady, on the other hand, is acutely aware of his public image. Despite being the best to ever do it in this league, Tom has long enraged many fans across the league.

He was despised. People despised their team losing to him. They despised the “Patriot Way.” They despised Belicheck and saw Brady as a Bill runoff.

Coming to Tampa to win with the Buccaneers was a welcome change for Brady. He has displayed a much lighter personality, joined the TikTok and social media game, and engaged with fans and media in a much different way than he did in Foxborough, and fans have noticed.

Adding “tamper-gate” to “deflate-gate” just doesn’t seem like the right way to send off the GOAT.

Tom Brady has said little about the Dolphins rumours. People believe it’s because he doesn’t want to mar the end of his career with it. He’s on an incredible run in Tampa and has a lucrative broadcasting contract to help fill his time when his playing days are over. Which should keep Tom from adding the Dolphins to the end of his illustrious career.