Thousands Attend March For Our Lives Protests In DC To Demand Gun Control

Several weeks after the deadly shootings in New York and Texas, when the shooter in every case had legally obtained AR-style rifles. Supporters of tighter gun control laws flooded the streets of many American cities on Saturday to demand more strict regulations. While some marched in hundreds of other cities across at least 45 states, thousands of protesters gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The protests were planned by the group March for Our Lives, which was founded by Parkland, Florida, school shooting survivors. According to the group, several rallies held internationally in countries like Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

According To Texas Public Radio

Demonstrators marched to city hall in San Antonio, Texas, which is less than 90 miles from Robb Elementary in Uvalde. According to Texas Public Radio, 19 children and two teachers shot and killed.

Veteran and educator John Cedio said, “Our leaders have to do what is right. Sometimes doing what is right is difficult. But they’re the ones who have to stand up and do what is right and make these changes for all citizens to be safe.

Thousands Attend March For Our Lives Protests In DC To Demand Gun Control

According To Emily Wu Pearson Of WABE

According to Emily Wu Pearson of WABE, Georgian activists from all around the state came to Atlanta in support of stricter gun laws. Democratic state Sen. Jen Jordan, who was attending, stood with the students and remarked. “In the Georgia Capitol, “Good men with guns” is a common statement. When children were killed, what we saw was those decent men with firearms standing outside. That is not the answer “She mention the Uvalde police in her statement.

After The First March For Our Lives In 2018, School Shootings Have Continued

Students who survived the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a gunman opened fire, killing 17 students and teachers and injuring other 17 people, established March for Our Lives in 2018. Thousands of protestors marched in cities across the nation a month after the shooting to pressure politicians into passing legislation to stop future school shootings.

Mass shootings continued, yet such legislation not passed. In response to the back-to-back mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, where a racist shooter killed 10 people at a supermarket. And in Uvalde, Texas, March for Our Lives held its first protests in four years on Saturday. The Gun Violence Archive reports that there have been 236 mass shootings since the beginning of the year.

Even though politicians from all political parties have expressed their condolences. And thoughts in the wake of the killing in Uvalde, legislators are still at variance over how to handle the country’s problems with gun violence, with Republicans strongly opposed to new gun control laws. A gun control bill barely approve by the House this week on party lines, and it is not expect to pass the Senate.