Thor: Love and Thunder – Review

So we all know about The newest movie Thor: love and thunder. The movie we have all been waiting for gruesomely, and it’s finally here with its amazing and outstanding reviews that makes it another classic Thor movie into the marvel collection.

Firstly, the best and talkative reviews we see online is all about Chris Hemsworth’s glow up with the character Thor Odinson. The talk is all about how ripped he is and how close he looks as the comic wise character. Which really brought all the marvel fans to be more excited for next upcoming movies.

Basically, the plot rejoins us 4 years after endgame. Showing how Thor that has gone to a dad bod to a god figure. Although the story itself is intense it’s full of a lot of reunions, joy, and more heartfelt stories. Unlike the movie multiverse of madness, this movie is more focused on Thor himself and his character, through other character friendships.

The characters were all needed and were all, included into the story itself. How they all have meanings to not only the main character but the story itself. The movies directors did themselves again, with an outstanding CGI, with amazing Easter eggs. It didn’t just feel like you were watching the movie, it felt like you were in the world. Also, it showed many perspectives of the surroundings, and placed visited by the characters. It just felt alive. To resume with it all, it’s a must watch and you should be excited what marvel will have like other project! Thor: Love and Thunder is in cinemas now! For more on the making of the movie