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The Uniqueness of Fashion Designer Saab

The Uniqueness of Fashion Designer Saab
  • PublishedOctober 20, 2022

Elie Saab’s name has grown to be associated with luxury and modernism. Saab, a serious couturier with a forceful and distinct vision, elevates luxury to its pinnacle, designing for a woman who is both dreamy and exquisite. Elie Saab has a fantastic capacity to make women appear to be waking up from a dream. Fashion Designer Saab began drawing dressmaking patterns as a child, and it helped that his mother was already in the company. Saab’s passion for dressmaking began when he was nine years old. In his spare time, he cut patterns and drew sketches for his sisters out of his mother’s tablecloths and curtains.

Saab’s Journey: Where Did He Start?

At the age of 18, Elie Saab launched his first atelier in Lebanon in 1982, with ten staff. He began by creating opulent evening gowns and stunning wedding gowns. When Saab debuted his first collection at the Casino du Liban in Beirut’s northwestern outskirts, he rapidly demonstrated that his talent far outweighed his age. Saab’s stunning debut collection wowed the Lebanese press, who immediately branded him a “precocious genius.” Saab’s prodigious creative talent and public acclaim propelled his career. The Elie Saab couture house became a magnet for princesses eager to purchase his opulent evening dress. Saab’s subsequent couture collections were a lasting tribute to his capacity to create, as he exhibited apparel that was always feminine and appealing on the runway.

The Uniqueness of Fashion Designer Saab
Backstage at Elie Saab Couture Spring 2017

What Is So Special About Fashion Designer Saab?

Saab’s collections are glamorous and sophisticated, blending a diverse range of global fashion elements to give his designs a distinct and modern edge. He plays with the major themes of femininity and romance, designing garments with soft edges and fine detail such as hand embroidery and the use of luxury fabrics such as mousseline and silk.

What Did Elie Saab Advise Emerging Designers?

Saab is proud of the new designers, but reminds them that in order to reach equal success, they must establish distinctiveness in their designs.

“I’m delighted I influenced so many young Lebanese men to become fashion designers.” What annoys me about today’s designers is their ambition to seem like Elie Saab. “In my perspective, that shows they’re failing before they even begin.” They must develop their sense of style. There is Elie Saab today, but not tomorrow. So, what will they do? Close?”

Overall we can say, Lebanon is regarded for having some of the most fashion-conscious individuals in the Middle East, and it has spawned several young local designers, although none have reached Saab’s A-list status.

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