The Terminal List – Release Date

There is a new show for you if you enjoy watching drama, action, and thriller-based TV. The Terminal List is based on Jack Carr’s book of the same name. David DiGilio wrote the script for the next production, which is being directed by Antoine Fuqua and Ellen Kuras. In April 2020, it was said that the series was in development and looking for a distributor. Then, in May 2020, Amazon Studios took over as the show’s production company and distributor. The series has now been released, more than two years after the announcement.

When Was “The Terminal List” Released?

On Friday, July 1, 2022, The Terminal List, featuring Chris Pratt as a Navy SEAL looking into the murders of his team. Officially launched on Amazon Prime Video. The entire season will be made available at once, saving viewers the weekly wait for the new episode. Here is when The Terminal List will be available in various regions based on the schedule that Amazon Prime adheres to for its releases.

The Terminal List: What Is It About?

The Navy SEAL James Reece in The Terminal List is still in shock over the recent deaths of his crew during an unsuccessful operation. After their deaths, there was growing suspicion was it an error, or were they given false information as part of a plot? Reece begins to exact revenge by removing each name from his terminal list one at a time. Reece “returns home to his family with mixed memories of the incident and suspicions about his guilt,” according to the official synopsis. However, Reece learns that evil powers are at work against him as more evidence surfaces, putting his life and the lives of people he loves at risk.

The Terminal List Release Date

Who Is The Cast Of The Terminal List?

James Reece, a Navy SEAL with memory issues, is portrayed by Chris Pratt. Pratt is best recognized for his roles as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation and Starlord in the Marvel films Guardians of the Galaxy. Otherwise, you might be familiar with him from The OC, The Tomorrow War, or Jurassic World.

Ben Edwards, James’ best buddy, and a fellow veteran is portrayed by Taylor Kitsch. Kitsch was the protagonist in the sports drama Friday Night Lights. You may also recognize him from the movies Battleship and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Riley Keough plays Lauren, the wife of James Reece. Keough is best known to me for her appearance on Riverdale. But you may also be familiar with her from other movies and TV shows. Including The Girlfriend Experience, Under the Silver Lake, Zola, Logan Lucky, and The Devil All the Time. Interesting fact: She is also Elvis Presley’s grandchild.

They are accompanied by actors like Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad), Patrick Schwarzenegger (The Staircase), Jeanne Tripplehorn (Criminal Minds), and Constance Wu (Fresh Off the Boat), among others.

How And Where To Watch The Terminal List?

Despite being available in many countries around the world, not all of them have Amazon Prime Video. You don’t have to miss The Terminal List if you are in a region without Prime Video. You can stream it along with the rest of the internet by using VPN.