The Penny Press and Political Cartoons

The breakthrough economic strategy of publishing newspapers that sold for one penny known as “The Penny Press.” The Sun, a daily based in New York City established by Benjamin Day in 1833, which is generally regarded as the year The Penny Press began. Day, who had been employed in the printing industry, launched a newspaper to save his failing company. After losing a large portion of his business during the local financial panic brought on by the cholera epidemic of 1832, he had almost gone bankrupt. At the time, most newspapers cost six cents, so his plan to sell them for one penny appeared extreme. But later on, they gained great success.

Penny Paper Political Cartoons:

Political cartoons are illustrations with editorial commentary on politics, government, and current events that frequently include caricatures. Penny’s political cartoons contribute to the political dialogue in a democracy where the press and speech protected. They tend to influence largely opinion-oriented media. Their emphasis is usually on notable, current political concerns, and to understand them, readers should have a basic knowledge of the topics they are discussing, the knowledge that is preferably provided by the publication mediuma. They started a tradition of political cartoons that both new and old newspapers heavily adopted.

The Penny Press and Political Cartoons

Well-Known Political Cartoons:

Herbert Lawrence Block, sometimes known as Herblock, is a person who has received a great deal of credit for popularizing. Both a certain sketching technique and the publication of cartoons in the press. The politician had to terminate his membership to The Washington Post in 1954 as a result of one of his most well-known cartoons, “Here He Comes Now,” which showed a pre-presidential Richard Nixon creeping out of a sewer.

Her block has won the Pulitzer three times for his drawings and shared a fourth with the editorial team that investigated Watergate, making him the most decorated cartoonist overall. A generation of sarcastic and stylized cartoonists followed in the footsteps of Herblock’s highly stylized cartoons. Many of them were also really humorous. Republican candidates used as an elephant to balance a smear and defamation campaign to reveal alleged communists. Herblock succeeded in coining the word McCarthyism with this comic, which will outlive him for a very long time.