The Judge’s List By John Grisham Review

John Grisham’s unpredictability is the only aspect of him that is predictable. He has appeared on more than 30 bestseller lists, but he has never allowed his writing to become repetitive or stereotypical. The John Grisham name is undoubtedly linked to courtroom thrillers, and for good reason. His work frequently has a legal foundation, starting with A Time to Kill and The Firm. However, the former Mississippi lawyer has also taken time away from the courtroom to write young adult novels, sports-themed novels, and most recently a series of suspense novels set in a bookstore.

What Does The Plot Revolve About?

The second thriller was written by John Grisham to feature Lacy Stoltz, a lawyer. And investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct, is The Judge’s List. Lacy Stoltz of The Whistler looked into a judge who was taking millions in bribes from a criminal organization. Despite being attacked and on the verge of death, she managed to capture the criminals. She is ready for a change after three years and as she approaches forty, she is sick of working for the Florida Board on Rittenhouse Is Found Not Guilty By A Jury In The Kenosha Shootings Conduct. Then she encounters a mysterious woman who is so terrified that she goes by many aliases. Twenty years prior, Jeri Crosby’s father was murdered in a case that is still open but has long since become cold. But Jeri has a suspect that she has been obsessing over and following for 20 years. She has discovered additional victims along the way.

John Grisham Review

Suspicions are simple to form, but proving them is more challenging. The man always stays one step ahead of law enforcement and is brilliant and patient. He is the most shrewd serial killer there is. He is knowledgeable about forensics, police protocol, and most importantly, the law. However, he works as a judge in Florida, where Lacy is in charge. He has a list with the names of the innocent people who crossed his path and wronged him, all of whom were unlucky enough to be his targets and victims. How can Lacy pursue him without adding her name to his list of targets?

Is It Worth Reading?

Given the spoiler warning, no further information should be shared about “The Judge’s List,” which is a good read. The FBI’s hesitation and insistence that there is no evidence is one issue with the book, which is surprising given that Grisham is a trained attorney. The fact that Jeri has linked the suspect to eight victims she is aware of establishes beyond a shadow of a doubt that one person is responsible for the murders that span several states. In his legal thrillers, of which he is the master, Grisham never fails to impress. Regarding “The Judge’s List,” it comes highly recommended. The typical corrupt politician seems insignificant in comparison to the sociopath Grisham creates.

Overall, Nobody writes drama better than Grisham. His books have been translated into 45 languages and have sold over 350 million copies. Nine of his books have also been made into blockbuster movies. True to form, The Judge’s List has enough turns and turns to make you want to visit the chiropractor afterward. The plotting is flawless, and he propels the narrative forward relentlessly to keep you interested and turning pages until the very end.