The Her Universe Fashion Show

The Her Universe Fashion Show made its return to in-person programming at the San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) with a standing-room-only crowd of over 2,000 cheering fans celebrating the theme of “Coming Home.” The event, hosted by actress, entrepreneur, and best-selling author Ashley Eckstein (voice of Star Wars’ Ahsoka Tano) and special guest co-host drag icon Nina West, was presented by Her Universe and Hot Topic. The evening was a vibrant reprise of the critically praised event recognized for emphasizing inclusivity and empowerment for everyone.

The Her Universe Fashion Show Comes Back To San Diego Comic-Con:

This year’s performance began with a hilarious and heartwarming Wizard of Oz-inspired comedy and couture looks, with Eckstein looking stunning in a deconstructed couture Dorothy dress designed by 2014 Her Universe Fashion Show Winner Andrew MacLaine. West shone as Glinda in a special bubblegum pink gown designed by Johnny Wujek and John Thomas. The evening featured a special tribute to former participant Miranda Starr Tuttle, who died precisely three years prior. Eckstein and West announced the illumination of a star lamp over the runway to guide all 2022 designers.

Her Universe Fashion Show 2022 Contestants:

The 8th annual event featured a brand-new group of 26 aspiring designers who showcased their original geek couture designs on the runway. The 2021 winning designers Teighlor Johnson, Skyler Barrett, and Vivien Lee, as well as industry experts Elena Vrska and Mallory Leveille, were on this year’s judging panel. After virtually winning with their couture designs last year, the 2021 designer panelists made their unique runway debut.

The Her Universe Fashion Show

Her Universe Fashion On The Runway:

Other highlights from the expo included the debut of brand-new fashion lines inspired by Outlander, Marvel, and Star Wars, including an upcoming Ahsoka Tano-themed denim jacket. Her Universe and Hot Topic have also announced a global Studio Ghibli Harajuku Collective Collection, which will be available in Japan.

Romy And Michele’s Dance Inspired By Their High School Reunion:

Eckstein and West donned sparkling pink and blue gowns, channeling Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, complete with dance movements. It’s possible that the dance missed on younger audiences because the film released in 1997. Even if they didn’t comprehend the dancing references or movie quote references, the audience roared and applauded enthusiastically. Moreover, it was simply adorable, surprising, fun, and everyone had a great time.

Honorable Guests:

Bret Iwan, the official voice of Mickey Mouse, also made a surprise cameo, which pleased fans. Lug, the iconic lifestyle brand of travel bags and accessories, gave special gifts for all participants this evening, including conversation cards to highlight the significance of mental health.

The Her Universe Fashion Show Winners:

The hosts finished the evening in Captain Marvel-themed evening clothing, inviting the audience to enjoy their own memorable moments while walking the runway. Veronica Nunez did Eckstein’s hair and makeup, and Kalyd Odeh did West’s. They also stunned the 26 competing designers by announcing that the victors will have the opportunity to develop a fashion line for leading pop-culture retailer Hot Topic for Marvel Universe’s The Marvels in collaboration with Her Universe.