The Fashion Poet Dresses

The word “poetic” appears frequently in The election Poet show reportage, referring to anything with sensitivity or technical ability. Even so, it’s easily supplanted by its linguistic bedfellows “lyrical” and “romantic,” and it’s used for everything from diaphanous gowns and pastels to vaguely studious silhouettes and flashy shirts that wouldn’t look out of place on Lord Byron or Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Poetry Is Once Again In Fashion:

However, the relationship between poetry and fashion has proven to be a rich one in more specific ways, particularly recently, when several collections openly acknowledged the words, work, and lives of ancient and current poets. Pierpaolo Piccioli collaborated for his AW19 collection with four modern poets, Yrsa Daley-Ward, Mustafa the Poet, Greta Bellamacina, and Robert Montgomery, encouraging them to write on a set of garments as well as a book titled Valentino On Love. Poems have become more plentiful of the developing trend. The latest Nielsen BookScan numbers show a 12% increase in poetry sales in the UK, driven primarily by young women.

SS19 Fashion Shows:

Poetry also reigned supreme at several SS19 fashion shows. She wore a sequence of pale, tasseled gowns, alluding to Dickinson’s love of white. The anthology was inspired by the American poet Emily Dickinson. Turkish designer Bora Aksu was affected by the words of Polish-Romani poetess Papusza, also known as BronisawaWajs. In an interview with Vogue, he discusses what aspects of her work particularly struck him. Gypsy Song Taken From Papusza’s Head was my favorite poem. This woman was extremely sensitive, desiring permanency in a nomadic tribe and feeling alienated. She also enjoyed being outside. Her poetry appears to have been uncensored. It’s raw and emotional. I felt a connection to her and understood her via her poems.

The Fashion Poet Dresses

How Can You Turn This Poem Into Wearable Clothing?

Bora Aksu gowns feature frills, lace, floral headpieces, and dramatic sleeves in hues ranging from delicate lilacs to luxurious reds and oranges. The SS19 collection, according to Aksu, is a collage of occurrences from Papusza’s life. I painted layers of her poetry to show her personality, taking phrases from her poetry and turning them into colors. Because she and her poetry were often influenced by nature, I created costumes that seemed like they sprang from the natural world. Her sensitivity and intricacy were reflected in her prints and delicate stitching.

The Relation Between Poetry And Fashion Is Not New:

Inspiration is not a one-way street, either. Poets have drawn inspiration from the material world for generations, The Fashion Poet. There is a long and opulent literary history centered on clothes and their symbolic importance. The conversation between poetry and fashion has endless possibilities, whether it takes place on the runway, at a gallery, or on a stage, is printed on a page, or is sewn into the fabric. Designers pay homage to works that have moved them, whether literally or in a more imaginative fashion. It’s no secret that poets struggle with the complexities of our fashion choices. Choosing the proper attire improves performance. There are moments when we need to be grateful and constantly receptive to the environment around us. Fashion is no exception to the enrichment of the arts.